Thinking Out Loud

I've started an Audio Design Blog. It is centered on my current design work, though I will probably go off on tangents at times. I am recording it when I am in the car commuting to and from work so stream of consciousness and probably pretty random when they are going to be recorded and posted. It is my hope that the subjects will spark some discussion.


  • Don't crash man! I hope you're better than I am at multitasking.

    Other than the dangers involved, it sounds like a great idea, Keith. I've often thought that I should keep a recording device around like Michael Keatons' character in Night Shift. Well, not like him, but the idea might have merit...

    This sounds like a great way to accomplish getting ideas out of your head.

  • I enjoyed it, especially with its heightened sense of danger! I think it'll start some good conversations.
  • Yeah... People drive like fucking assholes in the Chicagoland area... All of them are out to kill me...

    Yeah I thought of it when I was listening to Dan Carlin's History Hardcore in the car a little while ago. He kinda stream of conciousness goes on about shit... Makes you feel like you are having a conversation and every time he gets me to dig up more information or I end up talking with friends about what I agree with or disagree with... Plus I got an infant girl so time is a premium these days...

    I am hoping folks that listen to it at least start to think about some of the shit I am talking about and maybe talk about it a bit. My big kick is that the focus on cool mechanical design has drifted us away from the important shit.
  • Here are the 3rd and 4th installments of my audio blog. I am angry at my iPod and apparently my shitty little mic needs time to warm itself up... Pain in my ass...

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  • I feel like Mr. Miyagi. I have used a rag as a weapon, only instead of hitting a dude in the balls I kinda fixed my recording issues. So here it is, recording numero 5. You might actually hear me talk in this one.

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