[Secrets and Lies]Origins 2008 thread

I'm working on an RPG called Secrets and Lies. If anyone is going to be at Origins this year and would like to see it, speak up.

Generally, I haven't seen a lot of activity about Origins. Who's going?



  • I'll be there, along with my brother Bill White. I'll keep an eye out for you!
  • I'll be there. Tell me about Secrets and Lies.

  • It's about the mystique of the dance club, and of Miami. It's about going to these places, running into famous, important people and doing the big things that give your life meaning. Or at least scoring with them.

    It's a conventional RPG with a game master who describes the setting and the events. It focuses on resource allocation more than task resolution. It's diceless but it can be random. It has a combat system but focuses more on the social mechanics. Character creation is done as a group with a draft and trade of attributes. It doesn't have much in the way of crunchy bits and the special effects budget is very low.

  • I'll be there. In case you're not familiar, come by the IPR booth to find the locales of folks like us. We may not be there (then again we may), but they may know where we are. Also look for a table full of us in the breezway between the convention center and the hotel in the evenings. This is a traditional meetup place.

    The glass, as it becomes lit more from the inside than out, becomes a hundred mirrors reflecting our play upon ourselves. He said in a very uncharacteristically dramatic sort of way.

    Your premise is very non-fantastic, and that intrigues me.

  • I will be at Origins. (I live here in town.)

    I am intrigued by your game - I wouldn't mind checking it out. (I hope to have my game SNOW NOIZ ready for similar scrutiny by Origins.)

    Also to all Story Gamers - my wife and I will be hosting our annual Saturday BBQ and mini-games-fest at our home again this year. Contact me for details if you are interested.
  • That's a cool premise. And a real freakin' GM? Does the GM actually prep?

  • That would imply that *I* actually prep for games, which my players would dispute.

    There are a few fantastic elements in a ghetto I call "Cheats". They may move into the game proper, or out entirely. But they *will* be playtested: I plan to run the guys through an old Torg adventure under these rules, to test them out at the high end.

  • Torg adventure? Using the "Sub-bosses" escalation format? For a game about nightclubs?

    Er... I don't get it.

  • Sub-bosses?

    It's to stress the system, see where it breaks. Also to see what it can add.

  • Most old Torg adventures were structured sorta like video-games, with chapters that ended with fighting a sub-boss. You progressed through those, and finally made it to the big boss at the end.

    I take it the scenario you have is not so structured? Or it is, and you're running that structure to do your stress test?

  • I was going to use Operation: Hard Sell. It has a nasty fight in the middle that will probably become a use of stealth. I can also add a political dimension as bookends, where Congress holds hearings. - Grant
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