Children Monks: A Norwegian-style role-playing poem

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Because I'm still feeling creative on the tails of Game Chef and I'm heading to Norway later this year, I thought I'm try one of those Norwegian style poem/games. Here it is. Pretty easy to make. I urge everyone to make a role-playing poem and post it here.

Children Monks: A role-playing poem

A game for 6 to 10 people.

You play holy reincarnated monks as children found by the monastery and destined to become great leaders. Children will be children. To break you of your childhood, the master monks have given you a plate of peas to count while blindfolded. You'll spend the day counting peas in order to break you of your childhood.

Set-up: Get a timer that ticks and set it for 15 minutes. For each player, fill a bowl full of dried beans, peas, or something like that and give it to them, and wrap a blindfold around their eyes. Wrap them in a blanket made to look like a robe. Sit the players on the floor, cross legged, in a circle.

To play, for fifteen minutes the players must loudly hum “Ohm Ohm Ohm Ohm,” and throw peas at each other. When a player's plate is empty of peas, they must feel around on the ground for peas to throw. At no point may the players stop humming “Ohm Ohm Ohm Ohm.” If a player has to converse while looking for peas, the player may vary the pitch and sound of the "Ohm Ohm Ohm Ohm."

Once fifteen minutes is up and the alarm goes off, the players stop exactly where they are and someone removes the blindfold. You are now enlightened.


  • This is beautiful. I love this kind of joke.
  • Play this in a hallway at the convention center during GenCon and post a video of the experience and I will mail you $2.
  • You fly me to GenCon, and I'll make sure to get it played. Can you imagine?

    Really, this poem is meant to evoke the feeling of this years Game Chef. :)
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    Hilarious! Huzza!

    Of course, this is far from my idea when I invented "the roleplaying poem", but heck: even the first designer after me proved the form to be totally unpredictable (yes, Matthijs, I'm looking at you).

    By the way: have you any idea how long 15 minutes actually are? I tell you: this will be a very, very long game. The "ohm" will get at you before 5 minutes have passed. By 10 you will be reduced to syllables, and by 15 you will be ... eh ... enlightened. ;)
  • ...

    i will match the $2.

    and buy the dvd.
  • shit!
    sorry for the thread necromancy,
    i was just so blown away.
  • Necromance away.
  • This is a great party game.

    But I could only play it for a five minute stretch.
  • It'd be hard to play for the full 15 min. I just don't think that you'd get the full effect from just 5 minutes.

    This should also be video taped.
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