Anyone going to Kublacon 5/23 - 5/26?

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I haven't heard much mentioned about Kublacon next weekend, and thought I would give it a fairly general shout-out.

The Kublacon Website

Have a glance, there are some decent games on the list, and EndGame will officially be repping IPR with darn near every game title we stock.

Should be fun. I won't be there, so foo. But I will be back at the store watching the cars drive by while everyone is off having fun. (Sad Panda)


Chris Hanrahan
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  • Well, I'll be there. I and my co-conspirator / GM will be running our "big" samurai event. Our first year at Kubla was '07, and we drew about 16 players. The event is "Gift of Earth" on Sat night, and it's listed as a LARP (only way we can get the space for our game at Kubla).

    I'll be at the Con through Monday, and will hopefully be able to get a pick-up game of something s-g in. ;)
  • I'll be there all four days, running six games: Don't Rest Your Head (twice, Friday and Monday), Dogs in the Vineyard, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Bliss Stage, and Rock N Roll Dreams (adapting DitV in an attempt at Brand's Jim Steinman RPG). I'm trying out RnRD this Saturday at Endgame.
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    It's a family holiday for me, as I'll be bringing my daughter. I doubt I'll get much rp'ing in, as I'm going there for the big-ass minis events that individuals put together. I may bring along my of Class Trip 1889 game and run it as a pick up if the little one makes some gal pals.

    BTW- Does anyone know the situation on veg-food options in tha area?
  • Sadly, no. I had planned to hit all of the local gaming cons this year, but a trip to Hawaii surfaced that I couldn't pass up.
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