Speak to me of the Marvel game

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I heard that it (the one with the stones) has some b0rked parts but is otherwise really cool. Anyone here with teh wisdom of it?



  • I haven't played the newer one, but the older version was pretty damn neat.
  • It has Lines of Experience, where you get XP for writing down actual things that actually happened to your character. That's pretty cool.

    I found the stone manipulation mechanics to be needlessly and confusingly complicated. There might be something there, but it would be hard to tell without playing it a lot. It's sorta a bizarre cross between Mortal Coil, Nobilis, and Nathan Paoletta's new game Annalise.

    The rules for superpowers sucked.
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    Bite your tongue! That game was damn cool!

    I'll go into it more thoroughly soon, but:

    Here is the campaign website I ran with it

    Here are the house rules

    Here is my illustrated example of play.
  • I use the stone manipulation for Secrets and Lies, so I'm biased about that.
    But I think that matching the numerical values to what a character could do was ill-defined. It seemed like both the player and the GM had to read the comic to be on the same page - so to speak - about a hero's capabilities. Of course, that's what a licensed title should do - it should let you step into a character or setting with a pre-made emotional hook. But for a hero you make yourself, I see a lot of arguments.

  • It's one of the few games I still own. I've never played it. It always seemed to fall into that category of: it seems to be almost pure genius, but just fell short so ends up being more confusing.

    But no matter what happens, you're sure they were on the edge of something.
  • It was Dan Gelber design (at root; there were several other people in the company that developed it for Marvel). It worked for me -- though while it was very elegant at the core (and as mentioned, the add-a-line experience system was pretty darned neat, particularly since until you turned them in, you could use the lines as excuses to argue for bonus stones), there were two and a half systems that kinda broke the basic energy/two actions mechanic (specifically, power suits, invention, and weapons).

    I played it a bit with one of the core groups; it was pretty fun, though if I were to run it, I'd certainly houserule it to death.
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