Story Shtick - Podcast Launch!

I've just launched a new podcast called "Story Shtick"! It's an Actual Play podcast of Story Games. I'm trying to make it as entertaining as possible through editing:


You can give me feedback in the blog comments, on the show's forums, or in this thread. I'd really appreciate feedback. Thanks!

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  • You hooked me with your first choice of game :)
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    Posted By: LinnaeusYou hooked me with your first choice of game :)
    Thanks for reminding me! The first three episodes will be a "Dirty Secrets" game and the first episode of that is up.
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    Part 2 of the "Dirty Secrets" game is up. Along with the real setting (the hotel the con was in), we introduce real people - our friends in fact - as characters in this episode.
  • Part 3 of the "Dirty Secrets" game is up. At the end I give a "review" of Dirty Secrets.
  • I don't have a lot of time right now to comment, but I wanted to thank Scott for posting this, and also for his kind review. I'll comment more later, as I have opportunity. I listened to the first two episodes, but I'll cop to skipping to the end of the third episode to hear your final thoughts. :-) I'm planning on giving it all a listen in the future.

    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • Posted By: Great WolfI don't have a lot of time right now to comment, but I wanted to thank Scott for posting this, and also for his kind review. I'll comment more later, as I have opportunity. I listened to the first two episodes, but I'll cop to skipping to the end of the third episode to hear your final thoughts. :-)
    Ha! That's exactly why I put the time tag in the show notes. Your very welcome; thanks for creating such a great game!
  • The Story Shtick Forums are now open!

    Please feel free to join me there to discuss the show or comment here. I'll post here when a full game (usually three episodes) is up.
  • All three episodes of a "Primetime Adventures" game are up. I've done a lot more editing and commentary this time around. Enjoy!

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
  • Yay! Prime Time Adventures.

    It's always fun to listen to games and I like the Time Travel Squad idea these guys came up with.
  • I've just relaunched the Story Shtick podcast on a new site thanks to the help of the folks at There is a new episode up and there will be more actual play up soon. Please feel free to comment here, on the site, or on the show's forums.
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    All three Story Shtick episodes of "A Penny For My Thoughts" (APFMT) actual play are now available. APFMT is a game by Paul Tevis that's still in development.

    Part 1 and part 2 are the meat and potatoes of the game itself with all the explanations, emergent play, etc. In part 3 I consolidated just one player's "story" as an attempt to create an AP short story. Part 3 also contains my final thoughts on the game (but no review, as it's in development) and some of the issues I've seen around this particular game.
  • Hmm... It seems that your feed only includes the APFYT episodes. Any chance of getting the older episodes posted as well?
  • I couldn't figure out how to get all the older episodes in the feed without creating a new post for each one. So while the first episode of each "classic" AP series is included in the feed, the rest are available on the website (and, for now, on the old site which is linked in various posts above).

    Here are the direct links for those older episodes on the new site:

    Primetime Adventures Part 1
    Primetime Adventures Part 2
    Primetime Adventures Part 3

    Dirty Secrets Part 1
    Dirty Secrets Part 2
    Dirty Secrets Part 3

    FYI - The editing and commentary on the Dirty Secrets AP isn't quite up to the standards of the PTA or APFMT shows, since it was the first one I did. But it was still a great game!
  • A new audio-blog episode is up: Women from the Planet Omac. I yammer on about female characters and a Burning Empires scenario. Let me know what you think in this forum thread.
  • New podcast entry up on the Story Shtick site. This one's a roundtable with hosts of other shows, but we discuss Story Games quite a bit in it.
  • Yet another new episode!. This is a roundtable discussion with two members of my twice-monthly Story Gaming group. We cover a lot of interesting ground about the games we play and how we play them.
  • "With Great Power..." actual play session - part 1. Parts 2 and 3 will drop over the next two weeks. Let me know what you think over here.
  • Part 2 is up and there's an amusing picture of my wife with a thought balloon.
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    The third and final part of the "With Great Power..." AP is up with my review-ish comments at the end.
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    A new audio-blog episode "Time Enough for GeekDo" - enjoy!
  • New Edited Play (EP) series of episodes is starting today: "In A Wicked Age"!
  • The third and final episode of "In A Wicked Age"is up. This one includes commentary on the system at the end.
  • There's a new episode of Story Shtick!. This is a discussion episode where we cover a lot of ground including reviewing Burning Empires and Mouse Guard.
  • YAY!!!!

    I thought it was dead. Its baaaack.
  • Welcome back! I'm looking forward to the AP episodes you have planned. I like listening to story game APs, and your "break in with commentary" style is an interesting take on the format.
  • Thanks, orklord and Dan! I hope to get on those AP episodes soon. I'm trying to set up a session in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully that will work out.
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    Scott, interesting episode. I'm not sure that the fact that Scott Dunphy doesn't like a game makes it deficient. I also took a little umbrage at the claim about what "people" want when they pick up the dice. I consider myself people and I've had a great time playing MG. The dice have never made me look foolish and I usually accomplish what I want if I'm willing to pay the price.

    As for heroism, my little dude has launched himself at Weasels and Barn Owls and all manner of danger, and come out the other side, not unscathed but still breathing.

    Oh, and welcome back.
  • Thanks, noclue! I agree with you completely. Did I actually call Mouse Guard deficient? If so, that's pretty unfair and wasn't what I intended. My review of Mouse Guard was very biased and I did put that in the show notes. Probably should have said so more directly on the show. A lot of what you're responding to there were Arpie's comments (he was the louder one, overall, with more jokes per minute too). But I said worse, if less specific things myself (e.g. "I'd rather stab my eyes out..."). It really just wasn't for me and that hurt all the more because I love BE and the Mouse Guard comics. My expectations were very high and specific and not at all in line with Luke Crane's design goals.
  • Posted By: scottdunphyDid I actually call Mouse Guard deficient?
    Pretty much , at least by implication. The comment was framed as a revelation gathered from playing Mouse Guard that if the dice get in the way of the character showing off, which is what "people" want, then perhaps the game is deficient. It may have been Arpie's comment though. If so, my apologies.
  • Yeah, that one was Arpie's. I don't agree with his general premise, but showing off is certainly an important part of a lot of games and something to be enjoyed.
  • Ah, sorry bout that. I have to work on figuring out who's who on the cast. Tell Arpie I said he was wrong ;)
  • New edited play episode is up: Zombie Cinema!
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