[4e] D&D 4E vs D&D Miniatures Game?

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So if D&D 4E is "Basic D&D rewritten by Days of Wonder" with boardgamey action and Power Cards, then how does it differ from WotC's D&D Miniatures Game (DDM)? Is 4E just campaign rules for DDM? Where do WotC's game designers draw the line between these games (for marketing and design/development)?

You can download a PDF preview of the DDM rules here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/mi/20080117a



  • Isn't DDM without a GM and also player to player competitive?

    It's also a 2 player game as written, right?
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    1) Take DDM (a pure wargame)
    2) Assign one player to control one side. This player is the "GM."
    3) Evenly divide the pieces on the opposing side between the remaining players. This is the "party."

    You have now recreated the origins of DnD.

    4) Have the GM re-drafts the pieces they control (their "team") from the ugly ("evil") races, and the party re-drafts their team from the pretty ("good") races.
    5) Play a sequence of battles; the GM re-drafts a new team between each battle (or not) and tries to have some vague fiction or logic connecting them (but don't sweat it). The party members keep their existing pieces.
    6) Occasionally allow party members to upgrade their pieces to better, but similar, pieces. For example, allow a 15-point offensive ranged unit to become a 20-point offensive ranged unit.

    You now have a campaign between good and evil with character advancement.

    7) Reduce the number of pieces that each party member controls to 1.
    8) Play Magical Tea Party between the battles with whichever pieces happen to be on the board.

    You now have roleplaying, with about as much rules support as 4e contains.

    9) Hack together a quick system to adjudicate those non-combat actions that you don't feel like handling with freeform roleplay.

    And that's the straight-line path between a pure wargame like DDM and 4E.
  • Play Magical Tea Party between the battles with whichever pieces happen to be on the board.
    This may be the best description of RPGs ever.
  • I've never played DDM and likely won't unless there's a paid position available which is bike-commutable,
    but i can say for sure that d&d 4e is FUN; in fact really, really FUN -
    this marks it as a considerable improvement over d&d 3e and 3.5e, both of which lacked this (apparently niche) quality.

    Instead of ah-my-turn-is-over-now-i-can-go-to-the-restroom-or-make-a-sandwich,
    instead of how-can-i-fuck-over-these-other-poor-bastards-because-there-are-too-many-of-us-to-each-have-sufficient-screentime-
    instead of EVER staring grimly at the character sheet:

    and it's a turn-based combat simulation (loose use of term) on a grid map, of course. and it is awesome.

    which is not really what you were talking about, but i just wanted to say.

    go internet.
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