IGE at DexCon 11

Hi, all.

Time has all-but overtaken us this year. Kat and I would like to run an Indie Games Explosion at DexCon this year. The convention is in East Brunswick, New Jersey from Wednesday, July 16 to Sunday, July 20.

Unfortunately, that means that we will need event information by this Friday, June 13! If you run at least four events, we can secure you a free badge. If you run fewer than four events, we can still list your events with the rest of the Indie Games Explosion for increased exposure.

More info on Dexcon is available at the DexCon 11 website

I will post this at The Forge and at Story-Games. Please re-post or link to it from wherever else you think might be helpful.

Please send your event information to my Gmail acount: stalwartip AT gmail DOT com

We will be registering all the games, but we'll need all the info to fill out this form

I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.


  • Hi, all.

    Just wanted to bump the thread to remind everyone that I need DexCon information by TOMORROW, Friday, June 13! We've already got a bunch of great events, but there's plenty of room for more!
  • Is there a place where we can see events that have already been submitted?
  • I wish I had the time to do that beforehand. I know we've got these games and a few more, but correlating all the times and dates is my project for this weekend:

    Contract Work
    Mispent Youth
    With Great Power...
    Escape or Die!
    Perilous Realm
    Trail of Cthulu
    Dying Earth
    How We Came To Live Here
    Mortal Coil

    more to come, I have been promised.
  • Cool, thanks Michael.
  • Hi, all.

    I've posted all the events I've received to the DexCon registration site. If you sent me events and did NOT receive a confirmation e-mail from Double Exposure, that means I did NOT receive your events. Please submit them to the DexCon site directly and forward the confirmation e-mail to me. We've got about 50 events! The con is going to be great! Thanks to everyone who has committed to running games! Looking forward to a great DexCon!
  • Michael, is the list of IGE (or any other indie game) events running at DexCon available to the public anywhere? This'll be my first time going to DexCon so I'm not sure how this all works.
  • HI, Kevin.

    I will be putting up a web page of all the Indie Games Explosion events, but I don't know if I'll get it done before Origns. The Double Exposure crew will likely be posting the complete convention schedule on the DexCon website before then, so check there regularly. The DexCon website will walk you through the preregistration process once the schedule is up.
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