A Little Shameless Self-Promotion for my Cancer

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Even if you can't consider attending, please donate.





  • Done.

    Best of luck, my friend.
  • Good luck, Alexander!
  • I'll be there, bud. See you then.

  • remember, even if you can't attend, there's a paypal link

    I feel like such a horrible person begging for this
  • Done. And don't feel bad, you have enough to worry about. Sometimes all people need is a friendly reminder, which isn't begging at all.
  • Donation sent. Also, I signed up for Folding, which uses my dual core processor to research protein folding.
  • Done. Good luck man.
  • edited June 2008
    Adam, What is your team # on Folding

    Also a small donation
    Heres to you
  • thank you, everyone
  • Sorry this took so long to get to you, but a first donation from me. Hope it helps. See you tonight, hopefully!

    (For those who aren't tracking Lx's livejournal, he just went through Hell Week recently. Very tough period in the chemo cycle.)

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