Thanks for the Dreamation Roundtable on Sons of Kryos

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I just finished listening to the latest round table from Dreamation '08 cast by Sons of Kryos. I want to thank everyone involved. It was almost like being there. The discussions helped me break through a mental block I've had for a couple of months on the game I'm working on. Several good ideas were inspired and I have a new perspective on this game.
So Thanks to the Sons and all others there.


  • Did the second part of the 2008 roundtable make it up ever?
  • It did, Mike.

    I'm very grateful for the entire thing, the roundtable itself, the SoK for posting it, everyone listening to it. I hope I didn't come off like too much of a prick in part 2 when we talked about my game.
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    I don't see part two linked anywhere on the Kryos site... spare a link?

    [edit: ah, I see, it's on the feed, along with yet another show not linked to the front. I feel your pain, Jeff&Judd. I feel your pain.]
  • I can't thank everyone at the Round Table enough. There were marvelous suggestions and ideas moving around there like MiGs flitting through the skies. And Jeff and Judd did an incredible job of recording and posting it. Thank you so much, you two.

    God, I love gaming.
  • It is all Jeff on this one. It is his equipment and its his sweat that got this posted up here.
  • Thank you, Jeff.
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