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I'm a 36 years old virgin... when it comes to story games (but a long experience of traditional rpgs). I've been reading here and there about rpg theory, story games descriptions and discussions. I've been listening to quite a lot of podcasts too... And yesterday I came across an audio game report for Nine Worlds, which is smart of the author, because it helps building an opinion as a potential customer.

Now my question is : could you guys suggest audio records of actual play for an old crusty traditional gamer who would like to survive the Cultural Revolution and needs to mend his way before the Great Helmsman starts the purge ?


  • I'll plug my own podcast Virtual Play as a source for some actual play recordings. The episodes are normally centered around excerpts from actual games in order to highlight some aspect of play or of a game. And I usually post the complete games at the Internet Archive, with links from Virtual Play.
    Another good resource is RPGPodcasts.com, which is a compilation of RPG podcasts from which you can find lots to choose.
  • Thanks Mel, plenty of material there ! I'll explore that (or at least a subset of)
  • RPGMP3 has tons of "actual play" recordings and a fair number of them are for story games. You can click on the "Community podcast" link for iTunes etc (the "Epics" podcast is more D&D and the like) or download individual adventures from the front page or by signing on to the forum and following the links there.

    This isn't my site, by the way, but I am a contributor.
  • I was in your position. Even the same age. Mel's AP recordings of his SotC con games were quite helpful in preparing me to run that game for my group. We went on from there to play a number of others (Dogs and My Life With Master).
  • Mel's show has a really good flow to it.
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    Please consider "Story Shtick", a podcast of AP recordings of Story Games! I try to edit for entertainment/educational value. Here's the feed if you like to get it that way. So I'm pretty much exaclty what you're looking for, but right now I only have one complete game up - I'm just getting started!
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