[Basic RolePlaying] Who's planning on playing this?

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Chaosium's long awaited BRP book is about to hit stores, and the pdf is available for download now. Anybody planning on getting it? Why?
Basic RolePlaying

If you were a playtester - sell me on buying/not buying it.



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    Is this an updated edition of the rules Chaosium uses for everything, or is it something new? Same system as Call of Cthulhu, Elfquest, Runequest, etc., or something new?

    If it's the same system, it's not exactly necessarily a game that produces story actively during play (in that whole story now sense of thinking). It's pass/fail skill system and setup to concentrate on task resolution aren't the most story producing rules in existence. I'm pretty sure people around here have "story-game-ified" BRP.

    If it's a new system, I know nothing about it. The text on that sales page sure makes it look like it's not a new system though.
  • It's the old thing.
  • I've used the BRP for a variety of things (based on COC and Elric), I just don't know that I need to have another "generic" RPG system.
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