We played 1001 Nights and it was kickass

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I played at JiffyCon with Evan, Megan, Saif and John Snuffleupagus.

Quick judgment: fun. clever. low barrier of entry.

Quick observation: when it's your turn to be the storyteller/GM, get crazy with your mad powerful fiat skills. Yes stuff happens, no stuff doesn't happen. Resolve that stuff, because there's a 50:50 chance you get a die out of it. It's up to you whether it happens. When you're not the storyteller, either a) come up with stuff that's really easy for the storyteller to resolve, or b) (Vincent told me this one) come up with stuff that's so awesome that it distracts the other participants from their own interests.

Especially with that GM thing, I think a lot of story gamers are all about not throwing down the GM fiat gauntlet, but in this game it's cool because everyone gets a turn.


  • Cool! Yeah, there's a mass of power waiting to be used there. The second key is, in order to earn those dice, you have to follow and resolve the stuff the other players bring to the game.
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