Rulebook Stacking Game (freebie)

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I thought it would be fun to do a game where you stack up rulebooks from your old collection of RPGs and try to squeeze the rules you like out of them, while trying to choke back the rules your fellow GMs were trying to get from their own piles of nostalgia.

I can't see it being a great game, but I think it's a step in addressing several growing problems for me in the world of tabletop rpgs.

1. Too many GMs (good ones, too) and not enough players
2. Looking around my squalid apartment, I see a lot of old rpg books that I like parts of, but consider most of the rest of the book crap.
(I don't really need all this stuff, but once you get locked into a serious collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.)
3. I like to see what's out there, so I end up in a lot of lousy rpg groups with even worse GMs. I need to hurt back, sometimes.

Anyway, it's free. Enjoy



  • I get an error message.
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    I think I posted the link wrong.

    Try this one. I'm not so hot with BBS code.

    If not, copy and paste this into your address field:

    Sorry. Thanks for trying to take a look.
  • I have yet to read it yet, but I love that at the bottom of the webpage you say:

    Oh yeah! Livin' rough! No Spellcheck!
  • It's only fair to warn people.
    I did have my wife check it over for blatant errors, however. I don't want to be cruel.
  • Thanks for the headache Robert ! More than anything else, thanks for the laugh. I will have to give it another read earlier than midnight but it's loads of fun. If you actually get to play a session of Cannibal System I would love to read the AP :D

    I'm impressed by the amount of time and energy you must have spent on this. But I'm sure when you will hear of the blast your fellow GMs had playing their favorite Assamite anti-paladin ninja lich werefungi of Yuggoth it will be payback time !
  • Well, thanks, Franck.

    But, really, it's just a 24-hour-rpg that I didn't bother to finish in 24 hours.
    It's also not anywhere near 24 pages either.

    But I did have fun doing the pseudo-semiotic illustrations in MSpaint.
    (Big Circle + Soft-Cornered Rectangle + Pill Tubes = Person)
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