[3:16] Character Sheet wishlist

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OK, in the rules questions thread for 3:16 I've had some suggestions for things people would like on a character sheet.

I'm happy with the one in the book at digest size (though I could add a tick box for drugs), but I could make a US Letter sized one for download with more things on it. So post here if you have anything you'd like added to the list.

At the moment the list has...

>a tick box for combat drugs just like armor (since everyone can use them once per planet)
>more rows for weapons
>pictures of the medals you can win with check marks next to them
>a list of the default gear on the sheet would be a good idea (would people want a sheet "branded" for each rank?)
>a place to list the orders
>a place to list special powers a particular character could use (force weakness, e-vac, orbital bombardment)
>summary of the combat sequence

Anyway, fire away with suggestions or ideas. I'm all ears.


  • I'm pretty happy with the actual sheet as well, but those things are always a matter of taste. With all those extra things on the sheet, it actually would make more sense (to me, that is) to have rank specific sheets with orders, special powers etc.
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    Just a joke suggestion: A box to list the names of all the PCs you hold a grudge against.
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    While waiting for a new official sheet, here's a simple one I plan to use
    Character Sheet
  • Wow! What a detailed character sheet.

    Oh, Ken, your idea is not so jokey. I realised I could make space for the squad! (Or even a squad sheet for listing default weapons and fallen comrades.)
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    Here is a Campaign Planetary Record. Is there anything else that would be good to add?
  • Seems the Campaign Planetary Record link is dead. Care to share anew?
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    Oops, I may have reorganized my files and forgot to update those links. They should work now.
  • I made a charactersheet that folded up, where you could put a big rank badge on and tag your medals onto. Name one one side and all the fiddly bits for the player on the back.

    And the players had index cards folded in half that would fit on top saddle-style, one for each of their weapons, so there would be no doubt what gun they used in the combat.
  • -Different templates for each rank are a great idea.

    -Space to list names of fellow PCs and NPC squadmates, asshole officers in the ship, etc., would also be useful.

  • Whoops didn't realize how old this thread is.

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    There's a new sheet for tracking marine history here courtesy of Thijs (Diceman)
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