[Annalise] Neat Things!

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Many neat things related to Annalise are happening. This thread is for them.

First, I posted some Moment records on the Reserves Page. As you play through Moments in the game, you write down the possible outcomes of the Moment, thus creating a record of what happens. The pages on the site are from my last playtest of the game, and they may be of interest to get a sense of what can happen over the course of a game.

Second, Elizabeth posted some photos of her book. It's funniest one I made, I think, and it'll be obvious why to any oldschool Vampire fan. You can also see some of her fantastic photos in the shots of the book, so...sneak peak at some art!


  • So, for those of us who aren't old-school Vampire fans, can you let us in on the joke?

    Also, that's a really pretty book. All moody and stuff. What will the regular edition look like?

    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • The cover image is from 1st Edn Vampire. A Tremere? It's one the iconic images that made Tim Bradstreet's name.
  • I thought the image looked familiar, but I wasn't sure why. I never had 1st ed Vampire, my first copy was 2nd. I wonder if it was used in another book or if I just saw it around online or something.
  • That specific image is from my old Clan Tremere T-shirt. Um, I think it may glow in the dark, actually. E, you should check!

    It's half homage, half irony. But it works so, so well!

    It DOES glow in the dark!!

    I got the BEST COPY EVER!
  • Posted By: ElizabethOH HELL YES

    It DOES glow in the dark!!

    I got the BEST COPY EVER!
    All I can say is that my copy of Annalise better have a damn easter egg too.

  • Paul....how do you feel about Clan Ventrue?
  • Posted By: hamsterprophetMany neat things related to Annalise are happening. This thread is for them.
    OK, man, I gotta say it... Every time I read this game's name, I 'hear' "Anal Ease." Ya might want to think about that... or am I missing the joke?

    "Many neat things related to Anal Ease are happening" had me rolling in the cubicle aisles at work. :D

    Sorry, but I figured I'd warn/applaud you (whatever is warranted).
  • Anna



    Read the above three lines over and over again, David. Maybe it will cure you.
  • Wow. That's the least helpful thing I think has ever been addressed towards me. Thanks?

    Joe, try saying that in front of a mirror. I dare you.
  • remind me of what some people said about the name for werewolves in the nWoD game. i thought it was pretty sillly. this is even sillier.
  • Character sheets and the Moment play aid have been posted in the Reserves.
  • Posted By: hamsterprophetThanks?
    Fair enough; I'm just telling what I read--and, hey, maybe I'm not alone? And, hey, maybe that casts a bad light on your product? And, hey, maybe you want only good light on your product?

    Sorry I said anything. As the Wookie-throttled man said, "Just tryin' ta help! *choke*"
  • Hey Nathan,

    I had a fun Giovanni character back in the day. He was an administrator at a private hospital. He'd pull out surgical gloves every time he needed to do something messy.

    However, given the choice, I'd not have picked one with White Wolf Vampire cover art, of any clan. The other books you've done are all grabbbier to me.

    So honestly, don't take art direction from me. Just do what you're going to do. You already have my attention with what you have been doing. I was just enthusing about physical game books with easter eggs.

  • Still waiting for the Blackula cover.
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