Role, Play, Art - KP2006 book

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The good folks of Knutpunkt 2006 seem have published of year 2006 convention papers. It's called Role, Play, Art—Collected Experiences of Role-Playing, and it's available from here:

I know Olle and some other folks connected to Knutpunkt visit Story Games, but at least I couldn't find a link to the book, so there it is. Haven't read it through yet, but the TOC looks intresting.


  • Yay!
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    Hey people in the book club reading Impro: Christine Flood's article, page 35. Thanks for the pointer, Merten!
  • Oh, I am proud of how that book's page looks - complete with bibtex usage notes, and all. Academia-ready, huh. And full-PDF download.
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