Suggestion: RSS Feed?

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I see this board already has an Atom feed. But, as I use Sage (a Firefox plugin) as my primary feed reader I'd really appreciate a RSS (2.0 preferably) feed as Sage doesn't do Atom. Story Games is an awesome source of information on (indie) rpgs and I'd really like to stay as much updated as possible. And I don't care all that much about Live Bookmarks.

This is not a big thing for me, and I know there must already be a lot of work in administering this board but if adding another feed is not a big task, I'd really really appreciate it.

Btw, if anyone has other suggestions on how to get this board seen in the Sage reader, please inform me. I might have missed something obvious. Thanks.


  • Added an RSS2 reader: I took it out earlier because it doesn't export UTF-8 fonts properly, which sucks for my multi-language boards. But it should work OK enough for English.

    Good luck!

  • That _was_ quick! Thank you very much.
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