[3:16] A new campaign begins

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Another play report here

Conclusion: fast, bloody, fun.


  • Dude, they're Ewoks...classic.

    I had a 7AA Swarm planet in the game we played a couple weeks back. I used Sting Ray aliens flying through a dense atmosphere...cuz Pitch Black is way cooler than Endor. I would have gotten a TPK except the last suriving marine used a Strength to get out of the final encounter.
  • Man, you wanna know what's really selling me on 3:16 right now?

    Since it was first put out only a few weeks ago, there have been a large amount of actual play reports, significantly a lot of campaigns being started. That a game could create such long term play aspirations so quickly upon release proves a lot. Gregor, be proud. The fact that your game already has a player base speaks volumes of its strength.
  • Joe, I have to say, the fact that 3:16 is almost no prep at all and has hyper-lightweight mechanics has really meant I can plan to run a game, know the players will be bought in, and even that I can toss folks in in mid-campeign and just know it'll work. "Just work" is a big thing for me. The system is simple enough that I can trust it, and that goes a long, long way. In part because I can run it online, too, pointedly.

  • Great! That bit about being surprised as the GM about when and where the PCs get into deep trouble in an encounter is well observed. The way the dice go really determines when and how that stuff happens. The first time the PCs get down to Crippled and their Armour gets checked off is a real wake-up call. As the GM you don't have to try and engineer that happening, it will just take care of itself, really.

    I had lousy luck as a GM too, rolling 9s and 10s all the time. The good news is that on some planets those will be dominant successes! As the GM, you've always got more planets to come.

    Joe, I hear you! I really hoped that 3:16 was easy to play and that the excitement of wanting to play would be matched by the book and game actually allowing you to do that.

    I've got games that I really want to play in the setting (like, say, Dark Heresy) but the big book, loads of rules and preparation needed is a deal breaker at the moment for me. I don't have the spare time to spend on it even though I want to be in "that world".

    I've seen a picture of the printed book from Nathan Paoletta now too. It looks sweet! I'm going to love flipping through it at GenCon.

    Oh, I'm with Ralph on Pitch Black too. (Oh, and I used to work with a Aussie who went to school with Claudia Black.)
  • I agree with both of you that Pitch Black better than Endor, but I knew my players would get a kick out of killing Ewoks, and this was the "sell them on 3:16" session - I'm not above using underhand means to achieve my goals! :)
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