Best GM Advice Ever

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This is a fork from Ryan's "OMG!" thread. It's not his fault, though.

It made me think of some of the best GMing advice I've ever read, anywhere. I shall proceed to type it out here, in full, with absolutely no permission from the author. I hope he doesn't mind. The consequences could be dire.
good grief and gravy

being the gm is the shit, and also bullshit. the shit because you get to toy with peoples' little lives, bullshit because it's like the goddamn sims, their little bladder meter goes all the way to the red and they can't figure out for them stupid selves to get off the stupid couch and go to the stupid bathroom. no, you gotta click on the little thing, and click on the other little thing, and they spend so long in there that they miss their carpool and get fired, and then they come crying to you, wah wah wah. feebs.

right, but i mean your players. they think that if a. you didn't say so or b. it's not on their character sheet, then it's not true. which is a problem, because a. you can only say so many things, and you hope to god they're more interesting than "scooter, you really have to pee, do you go to the bathroom? do you make it back out in time for your carpool?" and b. there are only eight things on their character sheet, and one of them is that they kill puppies for satan for fuck sake.

so what you want to do as gm is make them responsible for their own pee. keep the good stuff for yourself, naturally, but give the bullshit away.

-- Cockroach Souffle, by Vincent Baker


  • Amongst the reasons why i
  • Ah, thank you Roger.
    Kill puppies is a fantastically written game. I didn't realize it the first few times I read it.
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