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Since it has been at least 43 minutes since the last 3:16 thread was created, here is another one.

This is the advice I gave to my players immediately we started play, because I think it's too important in a game as brutal as 3:16 can be to leave it to the players to discover it in play. I encourage other GMs to do the same (well, except the last point).

Never, ever use Armour until you are already Crippled.
Wounds can heal, so might get two wounds in one fight, and have healed them both by the end of the next encounter if all goes well. You don't recover Armour.

Likewise, never ever use a Flashback until you have already used Armour.
Actually you can be a bit more flexible than this. If things are going really bad, and you know this encounter is going to result in TPK, then being the first person to think of using a Strength can be a good thing. You might want to get that in before someoene else grabs the opportunity.
But in general, you don't want to use a Weakness untiul after you've used Armour, and you don't want to use a Strength until someone (not necessarily you) is about to die.

Death and Strength
Never let your character die without using your first Strength.
If things go bad, you might let your character die and bring in another. That's cool. But since your next character will make available a Strength you have already used, you may as use that first one first. Later in the campaign this won't matter so much.

Getting to High Rank
This isn't serious advice, but that doesn't mean it can't be used!
If you really want to get high rank, don't start as the Sergeant. Start as the Corporal.*
As you gain levels, increase NFA almost exclusively (till about 7 anyway).
When the group gets in danger and someone is going to use a Strength, encourage the Sergeant to do it, so his rank increases.
Never use your own Strength if you can avoid it. Use it only if a Trooper gets promoted to Corporal, so you can stay ahead of him.
If you are tempted to use a Strength at any other time, use a Weakness instead, and hopefully your increased NFA will stop you being demoted.
Now, just wait for the Sergeant to raise in rank, and then die, so you get promoted to his rank.
At some point you may have to take steps into your own hands to hurry this along.
But you'll then get the battlefield promotion and jump several ranks in one go - and now you can start using your own Strengths to push your rank even higher.

*In a larger group you might be better of being a Trooper and get yourself promoted at some point so you are third highest rank. Then, when the sarge dies, the next rank will be boss, and you can wait (or encourage) him to die to take his place... It might also be worthwhile in a smaller group, because characters might die more often. But one thing is sure: you don't want to start as the Sarge.

Anyone else have any decent or funny suggestions?


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