Find Annalise competition

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Hey. We're playing Nathan Paoletta's Annalise tonight so I was at the website getting play-aids when I noticed the competition that's going. Ha! Well, I found the first of the phrases, and when I have more time I'm going to look for more. Very cool.


  • Thanks for the heads up
    I found the phrase on that page and one other
    So I have two now

    cannot find any others yet
    Checked them all
  • It says that they're being added in the next few weeks. I don't think I've seen an official announcement yet, just something I wandered across.

    We almost got our game of Annalise last night, but one of the players couldn't make it. We'll get around to it soon. I have all the sheets printed out that I need.
  • More coming soon. There will be an official announcement with start and end dates.

    Gregor, I'm giddy that you'll be playing soon.
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