Summer Gaming and Autumn Hungers

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What did you play this summer and what you are hungry to play in the fall?

We took some time off of the Burning Skype Orc Campaign but now that we are back at it, it feels like the final act. The Orc King's empire is showing signs of strain and we all can feel that it is just a matter of time before the Orc King and the Lord-Slayer once the humble orc known as The Named and He Who Slays for the Named will fight to the death.

The PTA game at Gen Con was just splendid. We all got better at navigating PTA's stakes setting, not over-setting it, just stating enough in the set-up so that the narrative control given to the high card was meaningful. Introducing a strong female character in Princess Solo amped things up and allowed me, as the Producer to do kick my players in the Issues.

We got to play Misspent Youth when Rob visited. We made up a really wince-worthy fast food corporation called Murdah-Burger that commodified hip-hop culture and sold it back to the hood via cheese-burgers. It was awful to behold. The best character of the bunch, to my mind, was Bret's. Bret always manages to break my heart with kick-ass characters.

His character, Crunk-Dawg, was a corporate indentured servant, bought as a child to make up for generational debt from his forefathers.

My gaming schedule lightened up over the summer quite a bit but now I'm hungry to get back at it. Darkpages and Houses of the Blooded are calling to me. Darkpages is up this Friday.

And you?


  • I feel like I had a lighter summer as well.

    We played an epic zombie apocalypse game using Solar System rules and then lurched right into 3:16, which has been really great so far. I also played a ton of D&D 4E. Sandwiched in there was Medical Hospital playtesting, Milkshake Hero's Banner and Zombie Cinema post-Gen Con.

    Up next: PTA, which I plan on hitting hard, set during the height of vaudeville. After that I think it'll be Thou Art But A Warrior, which I'm dying to play. When my other group wraps up 3:16, we're returning to Solar System and some sort of modern crime drama a la Sopranos.
  • My big achievement was finally getting my Battlestar Galactica game up off the ground, using the TSOY rules. People who had been patiently nodding their heads and waiting for me to go away when I talked about alternate game systems suddenly became really interested when I invoked the BSG setting.
  • I took about a month-long break from "actual" running of games, being a referee for a big 3.0 module (not really doing much other than adjudication and providing flavor), and hanging out at mini-conventions instead. I needed a recharge. Hopefully I'm close. :)
  • Basically, my group has been playing my OVA-powered "Divine Machine" campaign (anime-style dimension-hopping adventure), which is currently moving towards a conclusion, and more recently we started playing a Forgotten Realms D&D4e campaign.

    Once Divine Machine is done, I plan to aggressively get into trying out a bunch of the indie games I haven't had a chance to play, including PTA, Solar System, 3:16, and way too many others. I also want to play some more of Maid RPG and Yuuyake Koyake, try out Monsters! Monsters!, and do some more playtesting of Raspberry Heaven and whatever else I can make playtestable.
  • Let's see, early this summer I started playing in this Burning Wheel game via skype, and one day I would love to pick it up again =)

    I ran a bunch of Savage Worlds minis for my players to kill time until we figured out what to do, but we never found the time to get anything solid and long-term going. I'm really looking forward to an upcoming Unknown Armies game, based upon a hodgepodge of inspirations (but mainly the old Nightbane setting). I also had my first (and only) hands-on with D&D 4E, and my feelings on it are a bit mixed. A couple of weeks ago I playtested a game called Geiger Counter, and oh my it was lots of fun.

    And I've been testing the holy living Hades out of Cannibal Contagion, too. Coming along nicely!

    Oh yeah! I ran the demo for the Song of Ice and Fire RPG at FreeRPG day, and I must say that I really look forward to getting the full thing in my hands.
  • This summer has been pretty light on RPGs. Mostly playtesting stuff and preparing for GenCon. I did get to play Mist-Robed Gate at Go Play Peoria, Zombie Cinema, and of course, a little 3:16. Have to keep my indie cred, after all. ;-)

    But what I really want to play this autumn is Annalise.

    Also, when my sister is back in town, I actually want to start our game of Steal Away Jordan. Set in Virginia, near the Blue Ridge Mountains, as the Civil War breaks out.... Oh yeah. It'll be good.

    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • My regular group finished up the second arc in our very successful Reign campaign. It ended with a big battle in which the sorcerer PC got to have a big wizard battle with a Stormtongue, and ate a lightning bolt to the head, killing him instantly. But it was all good, because before that happened he hooked the guy out of the air and ripped off his freakin' wing. You can believe that villain will be coming back.

    We set the campaign aside to play some D&D4: Keep on the Shadowfells, the good parts version. Wooo, D&D4!

    Our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2 campaign continues to chug along, as we deal with the world of grim and perilous property management. Our characters are often competent now, it's very strange. Too bad we are being hunted by vampires.

    And Luke & John Harper and I got to play the second session of our awesome long distance Burning Russia game.

    What's in the future? Well the game above, combined with the release of the Magic Burner got me jazzed up to dig out my old Tarshish campaign, and I was flipping through my copy of Dawnforge that I got for cheap and suddenly I'm seeing all these ways to do up all Burning Wheel style. I'm sure the mania will pass.

    I'd also like to get A Dirty World on the table, and I occasionally cast a wistful eye at With Great Power.
  • This summer saw a lot of D&D 4th. It saw the kick off to a PTA season. Early summer, although technically late spring, finally got to play some Capes. Then there was ConQuest SF where I played Carl Rigney's Dogs in the Vineyard/Jim Steinman melt, Rock N Roll Dreams, D&D 4th, the My Life With Master varient My Life with Joker, and Don't Rest Your Head.

    I hunger for more regular gaming. Too many conflicting schedules, the curse of the Bay Area in being an hour away from almost everyone, and busy weekends are a problem.

    I want to continue PTA and D&D. Start up a D&D campaign, and hold an impossible dream to squeeze in some other stuff. I plan to have a kick ass time at the Endgame minicon (and finalized what I want to run FAST) where I am looking forward to Ryan Macklin's Don't Rest Your Head. Planning to run In A Wicked Age. And then debating between Houses of the Blooded or something I feel less intimidated by, like Starblazers, Capes, or something else.
  • My summer's been a little thin on actual gaming, but heavy on new books. At the beginning of the summer I moved from New Mexico to Seattle, and I'm still trying to get a good quality and quantity of gaming here. While I was in college I pretty much only got gaming when I was home, but when I was home there were usually at least two games a week (Monday being shorter games, Friday being a bigger campaign, plus the occasional Saturday pickup). Didn't realize how rare that was until recently.

    My only regular game has been a pretty decent game of 4E, a little lacking in the story and character department, but fun enough. Got a chance to try Universalis (not to my taste) and play quick games of Jedi in the Vineyard and Don't Rest Your Head at DragonFlight. On the other hand, finally having a real job means buying a lot of new games. Recently it's been Agon, Roach, carry, and Primetime Adventures. I'm hoping my copy of Og makes it here by the weekend, otherwise I may have to go over to a local store and pick up Aces and Eights (Kenzer's approach to old-school-ish RPGs occasionally tickles my fancy).

    Looks like the foreseeable future will be mostly the same: regular 4E games plus the occasional chance to play something else, or with another group.
  • My summer's been pretty good gaming wise since I hadn't gamed in about 7-8 years. My group is back together and we are playing SOTC when we can. We are 2 chapters in and have hit a timing snag.
    I'm hoping to get some good gaming in at MACE in November. I really would like to give Don't Rest Your Head and Cold City a go. And Dread(jenga) would be really neat too. Even if they don't happen something good will. MACE is a very game play focused con.
  • I managed to grow my Wicked Age group from 5 to 11 players on a rotating roster, we'll be expanding again as we split the group. I also learned how to play Twilight Struggle which feels like ... well, it's the most enjoyable boardgame experience I've ever had, and there's a lot more to it that I haven't even touched.

    September looks like it's really heating up for the Toronto Area Gamers (TAG). We have a picnic, a weeknight meetup at a bar, and a weekend meetup at another bar. These are purely socials-and-casual-gaming, so I really look forward to meeting some of the new blood. We're flirting with 200 members and I've made some great friends through the group.

    Besides that, I'm looking at being able to game twice a week from here on out; weekly Wicked Age, and Polaris and 3:16 alternating. Or maybe Sorcerer instead of 3:16. How cool is that?
  • Down here it's winter/spring, but anyhow...

    Just finished a few games of 3:16, now we're heading into an experimental game of Nemesis, with significant player input into everything (clues, mystery, etc). I'm not sure how that's gonna work yet.

    After that I'd like to play out our 3:16 game and see how those troopers end up. They're still happy and kill-crazy at the moment, but I think I was beginning to see some cracks in the troopers last mission. Also, I bought the pdf of Houses of the Blooded and now that is calling to me... I wasn't really expecting to like it as much as I did, but I think it might be a perfect fit for my group. In the Tragedy mode, anyhow - I don't see romance being emphasized. But espionage, treachery and vendetta? Sure.
  • I've had a pretty heavy summer with metric tons of playtesting:
    - The end of Empire of Dust playtesting (we played almost exclusively for pretty close to a year)
    - A short-lived, but fun playtest campaign of my Epiphany-Engine-horror-game-in-development.
    - Lots of playtest sessions of Chris Perrin's games (Mecha and Messiah)
    - WFRP2e. I've been playing in an awesome long-term campaign as a deranged Dwarf haunted by his mother's ghost.
    - D&D4. We're 5-6 sessions in on this one and it's been a blast. I'm an Elven Ranger.
    - Traveller (the new Mongoose edition). I've only run three sessions so far, but I spent a lot of time this summer just coming up with worlds and whatnot.

    Autumn generally puts me in the mood for horror, so I might be cracking out my Epiphany Engine horror campaign again. Other stuff on the horizon includes:
    - 3:16 (I've been absolutely dying to play)
    - Sweet Agatha (my wife and I missed the perfect opportunity to play/explore this on our vacation last week, it was heartbreaking)
    - More WHFRP2e, Traveller, and D&D4
    - Lots more playtesting (we'll be focusing on Mecha for the time being. I've also got several other Epiphany Engine games that I want to playtest, and Amy G has a solo project that will need testing eventually).
  • I did quite a bit of gaming this summer. I started a Tuesday D&D night though it appears that's petering out. My Thursday night Burning Empires game came to an end. I went to Dexcon and did a bunch of random one-shots like some 3:16 and Misspent Youth and Breaking the Ice.

    Autumn's coming and my Wednesday night Nobilis game which was on a long hiatus is resuming. Thursday night is going to be Dogs in the Vineyard for as long as we can bear. My girlfriend and I are also going to be doing a pick-up Darkpages campaign. Tuesday night is up in the air but it'll be something. I really want to do an In a Wicked Age campaign at some point, and I'm looking forward to a Misery Bubblegum release.
  • This summer has been mixed. Finished a long L5R campaign, played some D&D, did a bit of gaming at GenCon. Now I'm looking forward to the fall. I've got two D&D games starting up (one set in kind of a Forgotten Realms, the other one is X-Crawl converted to 4E), and I'm planning sessions of Tenra and Hellas for this month or the next. Problem is next month I go to Japan for about three weeks, so that's going to disrupt a lot of gaming big-time.

  • Played a lot of D&D and a little of a bunch of other stuff.

    What I'm excited about playing:

    • Solar System
    • Solar System
    • More D&D 4E
    • Solar System

    I'm working on a module (a plugin set of rules for a specific genre) for Solar System, and am about halfway done. I'm really looking forward to playtesting it.

  • Like many others, our summer was pretty sparse gaming-wise, mostly due to the fact that one of the guys in our group is a publisher and was gone for most of con season. We did manage to do a short run of old-school Traveler house-ruled to use the old Snapshot minis rules as the combat system (not really my thing). After that, we started playing D&D 4E using Keep on the Shadowfell,and brought two new (and very cool) players into the group. I only go to play one full RPG session at Gencon (A Dirty World), and one short session of 3:16.

    Post-con, we just did a 2 session Dirty World game, and will be launching back into 4E with a vengeance next week.

    I'd love to work some Hellas or Maid into the schedule ASAP, but the thing I'm really looking forward to playing next is Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor.

  • Man, it's been a long summer that was near indistinguishable from the spring. What have I played in the last few months? A couple games of Agon, a one-shot of Agonia, lots of Geiger Counter, three sessions of Keep on the Shadowfell with one to go, an over-the-top 3.5 hack of the Red Hand of Doom, ran 3:16 once, some drifted Mortal Coil, a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill, a session of Mist-Robed Gate, and some other stuff.

    What do I wanna play? Right now, I'm working on the first month of my Zelda & Ico-inspired "adventure calendar," which should be ready for an alpha playtest soon, maybe after this weekend. The 3.5 game is going really well now, though it was off to a shakey start, so I'm excited to see where that goes. I'm really psyched to try out Empire of Dust as soon as I can actually order it. Mostly, though, I'm just interested in playing games with good friends I haven't seen or played with much, because they've been busy or moving or both. Doesn't really matter what we play or don't play, as long as I get to hang with them.
  • Summer wasn't bad for gaming for me, even with all the conventions and getting a book finished.

    I got to play a fair bit of 3:16 at home, GameWang and at GenCon, a really fun game of Solipsist at UK Games Expo, and a session each of Breaking The Ice, D&D4e, and Labyrinths and Lycanthropes at GameWang.

    I'm trying to get pals together in one place for Annalise, and also to get a playtest of Pooka's dystopian game in development. Also on my radar is Sweet Agatha with John Wilson when he gets back from Thailand, and a drifted Warhammer FRP run by Steve Bassett.

    The University is back soon and I hope to get some gaming in there too.
  • I had the best summer of gaming ever. I did an "RPG road trip" through Sweden, staying at the houses of people on the Swedish RPG forum and playing with 13 different gaming groups over the course of two weeks (a new one every day!). As a great finale, I playtested Children och the Evolution, a game written by a dude online I'd never met before, but had talked a lot with online. He was quite new to story gaming (usually being a hard core immersionist), but wanted to try it and started writing this game. It was awesome, because I had more or less constructed the entire system for him, and it worked beautifully!

    In the fall, I'm looking forwards to continuing out campaign in Mutant: Heirs of the Apocalypse. It's a Swedish trad game set in post apocalyptic Sweden, with mutants, furries, robots and humans, in a 19th century-like society where wealth is owning many ancient artifacts (like plastic utensils, electric pen sharpeners and the dreaded Vacuum Cleaner, thought to be the most deadly weapon in ancient times). It's the awesome, and I'm not even GMing! We've been playing a pre-written campaign which has been too railroady for my tastes, but now we're plunging into the new module about pirates, and it's all sailing around experiencing adventures with no railroading. It's absolutely wonderful.
  • I had a light summer. We're wrapping up Tor's Edda, which has been a 4 year Riddle of Steel Campaign, I've done a whole bunch of playtesting for Reality Cops, and had some excellent one-off gaming here and there at conventions.

    Fall is looking up; starting a post-crusades game in Alexandria, freeform with an underpinning of 7th sea for referents, and some Old Skool Twilight: 2000 after Tor's Edda wraps up.

    Once the crack cocaine they pack in the Battlestar Galactica boardgame wears off, we'll probably start some more one-offs and short run stuff on Fridays again. I've got some Zombies waiting eagerly off-screen, just waiting to show up.

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