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As the fourth person to discuss the SuperPenis, I am obligated to create this new thread.


  • Finally, a chance to say, "heh-heh."
  • Heh... when I posted the [3] message I suspected it would come to this... anyway...

    In a fight between SuperPenis and CockZilla who'd win?
  • How appropriate that you posted this in "Little Ideas".
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    From the original thread it's "Smart", not "Super."

    What I like is that it tracks its own movement, and can be plugged into a computer to replay it (along with voice notes) at a later time.
  • Thanks, Tony!

    It's funny that I fucked up the joke!
  • You might be able to buy a LiveScribe SmartPenis at Pen
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    Must... resist urge... to... reprogram... /d/ directory dumper... to target...
  • Posted By: Magical Bunny FilipWell, you actually improved its chances against CockZilla greatly.
    Is this another Polish joke? Going from Super to Smart reduces the power of the penis by 99.5%!!!

  • If the smart penis is smart as the smart bombs, it has less than 50% to target the desired gender, making his use a little problematic.
  • If this is made into an RPG, I have the perfect setting.
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