[GASPcon 9] Story games invade local con; Western PA, WV panhandle, and eastern OH; film at 11

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GASPcon 9
November 1 & 2, 2008
Best Western Parkway Center Mall
875 Greentree Rd
Pittsburgh, PA

GASPcon is a local convention in Pittsburgh, and generally focused on traditional gaming. But this year, story games have made a good showing on the schedule. Games will include:
  • In a Wicked Age, with three different sessions scheduled to create an anthology for the whole convention. Using the Three Rivers Oracle for stories of Pittsburgh's forgotten, ancient past, in the time of the Allegwi.
  • FATE applied to a science fiction setting. Starships, high-powered weaponry, and walking, talking, pistol-toting alien tigers! Well, not quite tigers, but they sure look the part. An unusual energy signature has been recorded by the company's forward research post, and your security team has been sent to investigate. But finding the source of the anomaly is just the start of the mission...
  • Don't Rest Your Head
  • AssassinX
  • The Fifth World - my own game makes its public debut and kicks off its public playtest at GASPcon 9, on Saturday, November 1 at 2:00 PM EDT!
$25 for the full weekend; $15 for Saturday, $10 for Sunday. No per-event fees, just the badge, which comes with a very nice bag o' SWAG. More details at the official website; full schedule at the Warhorn site.


  • Thanks for the post Jason, We just added some new games to the schedule...
    Dead of Night
    All Flesh Must be Eaten

    Also in addition to Jason's new game and play test two other GM's will play testing their new designs both on the verge of publication

    Minor corrections to the information posted, while in past years we have had swag bags we can't guarantee it each year, it all kind of depends on how much free stuff is donated each year. We do however always have an impressive raffle on Sunday and almost everyone walks home with something.

    One last Note if you pre-register before Oct 15th you can save 5$ off your full weekend or Saturday only registration.

  • I'll be running Ganakagok on Saturday afternoon!
  • I'm planning on attending. I'm down in Morgantown WV and missed out on Origins, so I'm itching for some storygame goodness.
  • Glad to see story gaming making its way into the heart of the rust belt. I'm not in the area anymore, but I grew up in Lordstown, Ohio (not far from Youngstown), about 90 minutes west of Pittsburgh.
  • just wanted to give this a quick bump. The convention is only a few weeks away and pre registration closes Oct 19th.
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