So I'm Tinkering Again

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Hey Everyone,

So I'm begining work on a new game, for once not organized arround a contest or anything , mostly for the exercise of it. I'm trying to embody some new (to me at least ) principals into my game design, and am looking for some ideas

1> Interesting RPG premises, I tend to make pretty trad games and while i am trolling the 6 random things thread that's floating arround here somewhere, I just thought I would ask if there was anything in rpg's people that was intersting and was underrepresented (I don't think a game about space marines or dungeons and monsters would perhaps be adding a whole lot but who knows)

2> Interesting RPG mechanics, As I said before, I tend to do the trad thing with the dice and stuff betraying my d20 gamer upbringing, but I'm always looking for new and nifty dice card social interaction rules.

Essentially I am just looking for something to rift on

Thanks for any and all ideas forthcoming,



  • Try to design a mechanically interesting game, one that would be fun just to play as a game (without the fictional overlay), without using randomizers of any kind (no dice, randomly drawing cards, drawing tokens from bags, etc.).
  • Might I recommend taking a look at the I Want a Game About This thread that Jason Morningstar started? (Too lazy to look for it and link)
  • hmmm, thinking thinking, am going to take a troll along the morning star I want a game about thread again,

    Not sure about the fun as just a game, because it seems like i would be designing more a game and less a role play (the more disconnected the fiction form the mechanic the less important it is no?) I kind of like and dislike the idea of no randomizers (which seems to me would also exclude a lot of things, like rock paper sizers or just choosing someone etc etc )

    Thank you Story Games!

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