Ronnies-play February in the SF Bay Area

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Hi folks. For those who don't know me, I'm a long time Forge-whatever and GenCon booth-goer, located in San Jose. As part of diving back in to the Forge-ish world, I'd like to play a lot of different games AND contribute something back to the on-line community . Here's what I'm thinking: a day of play dedicated to the Ronnies games (followed by Actual Play posts at the Forge, of course). Most of 'em (it seems to me) can be played in a substantive way in 3-4 hours, so with a little luck a group of 3-5 folks could get through 3 games in a day - more if (as I suspect) 2 hours-ish of play is enough to yield useful results. And depending on how many people are interested/available, we could have multiple groups cycling through the games . . .

Anyway, that's the rough idea. If it sounds interesting, post your interest and availability. I have a home that could accomodate (with some cramming) 20ish people. Or we could pick a day at DunDraCon (I'm not currently commited to attending, but some interest in this kind of play would change that right quick) on the 17th-20th.

I'm also thinking that this kind of multiple group, multiple game event ("game speed dating", someone at the Forge called it recently) would be a cool thing to do at some of the local conventions - Ronnies-focused or not. I have some friends that attend most of the local conventions, and they claim there were people clamoring for a "Forge booth" at the Labor Day con (I forget which one that is). I obviously can't make it happen for DunDraCon, but maybe in May at KublaCon?


  • I'm in Oakland and would be interested in it.
  • Damn! Sad I missed it.

    If you're going to play Drifter's Escape or On the Ecology of the Mud Dragon, please e-mail me for the latest versions. The games have been made not to suck.

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    Wish I could be there, Gordon. I know it's late, but let me know if you're interested in play(testing) Today.

  • My current plan is to head to Dundracon next weekend at SOME point (exact schedule still - grr - uncertain). Taking advantage of the wiki set up at, I'll see if I can meet some more folks interested in this idea. If the 25th/26th isn't good for enough folks, I guess the title becomes a lie and I'll try for a date in March.

    Chris - is the 25th/26th a possibility for you? If not, how's March look? Feel free to contact me directly (gordonclandis at, or here - whatever you prefer.

    Ben - Damn from me, too - you made it to KueiCon, and I started revisting the web indie-rpg scene like the DAY after that happened. I'll definitely check with you if those games get on the list.

    Eric - Same on Today. I suppose I need to make a list of candidate-games . . .

    More details/attempts at planning next week, after Dundracon. Anyone else with thoughts/availability, feel free to jump in!

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    25th looks good. Is anyone going to be driving through Oakland on their way to SJ? Otherwise I will have a long BART/Caltrain ride ahead of me :)

    Edit- I mean 25th & 26th both look good. I tend to think of weekends a single units :P
  • Heya,

    I won't be able to make it, Gordon, but if I send you my latest versions of my Ronnies games, is there a chance they might get played? Most will play in two hours or less.


  • Troy (and everyone with a game),

    Requirement for this to work: Gordon makes a list of games from the Ronnies and has a few folks (including himself) step up and be responsible for running/introducing some of 'em.

    Designer interest demonstrated here is likely to effect what I put on the list, but damn if I know how I'm gonna make decisions about priorities and/or which games actually get played ("winners" first? Or not). I expect it'll end up fairly random. But fun.

    I was going to give myself until after the weekend to make that list, but since the 25th is shaping up to be a real possibility . . . tomorrow or Friday.

  • Sweet, let me know :)


  • Only Ronnies on the 25th?

    I'd be willing to come over for a couple hours and demo Dead of Night, or have someone else demo it (yes, they can get up to speed that quickly).

    I consider Dead of Night "indie" even though I have a publisher.

    Incidentally, how do I distinguish between Ronnies and other 24-hour games?
  • Hey rumble,
    Here's the lowdown on the Ronnies

    Gordon, if you want to play Contenders there's a super new preview version here
    And a character sheet here

    And remember Contenders requires no prep time or GM - ideal for lazy gamers :)

    Wish I could make it but I'm on the wrong continent...

  • Hi all,

    Turns out, the 25th is the one BAD wekend for a couple folks I was counting on including - and it's unexpectedly not so great for me, either. So I'm now looking for folks available March 4th/5th or 11th/12th. Both are pretty much guaranteed to be wide open for me, so the first person who expresses a preference (Chris?) will probably set the date . . .


    Yeah, I'm wanting to focus on the Ronnies for this "event", though I obviously also hope to get general indie-ish play of all types going. As (hopefully) the people-pool and my ability to organize things grows, I'm certainly up for non-Ronnies days as well. I'm hoping this speed-dating/demo-day idea is as fun in practice as I think it sounds in theory, but I'm hoping for a little "proof of concept" before going TOO far with it.

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    March 4th/5th is definitely out for me, but don't let my availability influence the event scheduling. My family and work demands are such that I can only reliably make Friday evenings over at Game Kastle.

    And that's only if I don't wander out of town for the weekend.


    It looks like Ronnies are just another 24-hour game, but you have to be "tuned in" to the keywords to be able to ID which games are Ronnie applicants. There's no Ronnie stamp or whatnot.
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    Gordon, this is whispered text (I'm testing this feature).

    Max's birthday is March 3rd, and I have plans that weekend. Plus, I confess the idea of spontaneous roleplaying feels ooky to me. While I pride myself on being able to create colorful 60-second characters, I'm not confident enough in the indie scene to know that I will have fun with these game sketches.

    Bottom line: the risk:time factor is too high. I KNOW I will have fun playing the Doom boardgame or Arkham Horror. I know that I want to give My Life with Master a shot (among other games). I'm not sure I want to sacrifice an entire day to play games I know nothing/little about, and that I will likely never see or play again. :(

    I think I've grown up a little in the last six months. I can't say as I like it much, but it's been necessary.
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