[Shhhhh!] Sneak Like a Ninja Day! 3:16 and Solipsist only $8

As OneBookShelf says... It's Sneak Like a Ninja Day!

Stealth away with 20% off BoxNinja books!

So, you can pick up 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars and Solipsist for only $8. Best Friends is only $6.

There are a whol bunch of Ninja-themed discounts...


  • Cool deal, man.

    Anyone else see Passages as a "related product" on the above page link for 3:16? Someone at RPGnow is smoking the KIND (or it's "related" because it, too, is an RPG!). :D
  • It's still the old edition of Best Friends. Didn't you add 18 pages more with the third edition in 2007? (I have this 18-pages pdf file in my HD that I downloaded at the time, but I don't remember the url)
  • I know this is a bit old but I thought I'd point out that the real "Day of the Ninja" is December 5.

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