[Fastaval 2009] What would make you go play Århus?

I'm getting involved behind the scenes in the Danish convention Fastaval, held each year in the Easter in a public school near Århus, Denmark. The convention offers a wide selection of roleplaying sessions with many experiments on form and content. Mostly as evolved on the Danish scene, but the last couple of years we have also seen JeepForm and story games. Last year Matthijs showed up from Norway with a game, and the last couple of years, we have had Swedes come over.

I was thinking it could be great with an even broader international segment. So what would make you want to go to Fastaval in Århus for the Easter?

An English web page? A selection of story games? Opportunity to play out your own game at the convention? Hang out with interesting people with other ideas? Debates? Free beers?


  • An invitation, airfare and costs paid.

  • I'm easier than Ben: just give me free sales space and reasonable data that implies a possibility for me to make up the expenses by selling games. I'll even throw in some programming in exhange for the sales space. The expenses would amount to... well, I'd have to sell several hundred euros worth of stuff to make it worthwhile. No idea if Fastaval is the sort of convention where that'd be feasible.
  • Some horrible accident that prevents GothCon from taking place as usual.
  • I suspect it's a matter of travel costs for most.

    But not for me (being Swedish). Y'know what would make me come to your convention? Not placing it at the same date as the largest convention in Sweden. If it weren't for that, I'd be all over it.
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    Yes, it's all about airfare. I'd love to come to Fastaval. Århus is great (they have a bog mummy), Danish gamers are great, Fastaval's reputation is ... you get the idea.
  • What would make me want to go? Dude, I already want to go. Danmark er fedt nok, mand! It's more about can I afford to go and can I arrange the time off. Who wouldn't automatically want to go? Besides Ben?
  • I will look into getting some funding for air travel.

    What kind of activities would you like to participate in? To throw?

    Eero: Fastaval is not a big place for sales. Around 600 participants who expects great games for free. Focus is mostly on gaming, not on selling/buying. One or two local game stores show up and sell traditional games, but most of the money changing hands is in the more basic gamer goods (chips, chocolate & cola). Though Zombie Cinema may change that.
  • Oh, there's also another, alternative condition: talk Ben Lehman and a half dozen other American penpals of mine into coming, and I might saddle up just to meet them. I've done it before, after all. I imagine that this effect will move other people, too.

    For what it's worth, my experience with Nordic non-commercial conventions is that while the audience is not mentally ready to spend money, the lack of competition potentially off-sets this difficulty a great deal; as there are no other ways to spend money, anybody with any money to spend might as well spend it on you. The bottom line ends up pretty acceptable if you manage to surprise the audience positively in terms of being pleasurable, social and fun despite the fact that you want their money.
  • If Eero would be there, with his selection of games, and designers like Ben, Matt and Jason show up to talk about and play their games, I'd be there. I dont' care about GothCon.
  • Story Games and Story Gamers would make me go - it's not that far, after all :)

    If Vincent, Jason, Ron, Matt, Luke or another designer came, I'd definitely go!
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