[Conspiracy of Shadows] Character Sheets?!

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Hey, my pal Steve is going to be running a campaign game in the world of Warhammer using Conspiracy of Shadows (well, he's loved it since he bought the first edition and then revised). But does anyone have any character sheets we could use?

I couldn't get on to the old BobGoat pages that had them, so I'm wondering if anyone handily has them on their hard drive.

We're basically members of the Nuln City Watch and we've used the cell creation to make our little group of Watchmen. Of course our two affiliations are The Watch (2) and The Thieves' Guild (2). We also can muster up 20 men in a Brute Squad at a push.

So, we almost have our characters done but it would be good to have some CoS character sheets to put them on.

[I'd make nice Warhammer-ish ones myself, but I'm way to busy at the moment to do it. If someone wanted to do that for us, though, we'd be very grateful.]


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    Awesome. I'm sorry that I can't answer the question about character sheets, Gregor. But, CoS gets far too little love. CoS is a good one. Perfect for October sessions!

    Keith's building up a kick ass website for the game here:


    This site is basically a free RPG text. He's doing some really interesting stuff with content on the site.
  • I've migrated my stuff over to www.conspiracyofshadows.com.

    I packaged all the old sheets I could find and posted them here.

  • Great!

    Thanks so much for these. We'll put our AP when we get started. We have one more character to make and then we'll be getting our sessions off and running.

    It's an eclectic mix of players (old school role-player, one who hasn't gamed in quite a while, a mostly indie gamer and a mostly-used-to-story-before player) -- and having the Warhammer FRP books in front of us while creating characters, as well as the CoS book, was interesting.

    Basically, I love the careers in WFRP but I found the Second Edition to be a bit too cold and mechanical when it was sitting next to the 1st Edn. The original book had a style and warmth to it. However, system-wise neither is going to work for Steve. And it's been easy to use CoS for all of us -- we just used the careers from WFRP to fire ideas.

    I took Consumer Alcohol and Flee! as skills and I'm the old hand of the Watch. "I was a Student ... once" and I awoke from an alcoholic stupor to find myself at 37 years of age in the Nuln City Watch. Our Sergeant is a scoundrel and the newest member of the Watch is from out of town and was hired in a recruitment drive. He thinks we actually do an efficient policing job and fight for justice.

    The cell creation stuff where we bought resources for our group of Watchmen was something we just couldn't have done with WFRP -- well, not without the GM houseruling it and so on (or stealing it from CoS).

    Matt, you are right. This game deserves love and we're going to give it some!

    Rock on Keith!
  • Very cool Gregor... If oyu dig the Career paths of WHFRP you might want to check out the life path stuff I am doing with Dirty Hands.
  • Thanks Keith, Steve has been reading the Dirty Hands stuff and is loving it!

    And I think he's sending me some city maps of Nuln to print out so we're rocking towards actually playing this.
  • Nice. I look forward to hearing how it rolls out. Personally I always wanted to use it to roll out some Mordheim... Love me some Mordhiem...
  • I'm going to bring this thread back from the dead for a moment, because I just got CoS Revised and can't find character sheets anywhere. The link you provided is now dead. Can you tell me where the sheets got off to?
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    Just to update the link: http://www.conspiracyofshadows.com/dirtyhands/introduction

    Couldn't find the character sheets, either.
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