Need advice on applying SG techniques to D6 Star Wars

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Last night, I was shooting the breeze with some friends. I'm looking to start a new game and the DarkStryder campaign for D6 Star Wars came up. It's a complete campaign with three supplements.

I was describing how the players were in charge of three different characters. One was from the Command staff, one was from the Support crew, and one that each player made up. One of the guys said that, most likely, play would devolve to just the player-generated characters, but surely there was something in the text that described how you would switch between them.

Reading the books today, I can't find it. There are 11 Command and 17 Support characters. As far as I can tell, it's inferred (but never stated) that the whole group switch between the Command, Support, and Player-generated groups by GM fiat. I don't think that this will fly with the players.

So I'd like to try a different system for parcelling out the characters, and I'd like some feedback on whether this would work:

-Use poker chips to represent Character Points. CPs belong to players, not characters, and can be traded freely.
-Each player gets one Command token. After the GM sets up a scene, someone can play a Command token to name the player characters in the scene. The Commanding Officer will send that group out on whatever mission presents itself.
-Then the players name which character they want to play. Each character gets a priority choice for the character they generated and for one Command character. Beyond that, they have to negotiate. If they can't decide, then they can bid CPs for the right to play that character.
-Each player also gets one Development token. After each action scene, someone can put in their Development token to ask for a Development scene. They get to name two or three characters to be in the scene, including one that they will play. Each player who wants to participate must put in their own Development token. You can't name a Command or Generated character if the player doesn't have a token or refuses to put it in. The GM can play characters as needed.
-When all Command or Development tokens are used, hand out a new one to each player.
-Character Points, Command and Development tokens can all be traded.
-CPs can be used to improve any character you played that evening.

What do you think?



  • Why not make this a bit more flexible and give rewards for playing Command and Support instead of charging points? You might adapt PTA's fanmail system. Here's how I see it:

    Set up an Audience Pool of say 10 chips to start. Any time a player thinks another player has done something with a Support or Command character that makes the plot interesting, that player can take a chip from Audience and give it to the player as Fanmail. The player with the fanmail can only use it for the "hero" character--they can spend them as Force points or hero points. Spent fanmail goes to the GM as Dark side points or whatever for NPCs. When the GM spends points they go into the Audience pool.

    Each player can only give Fanmail once per scene, but more than one player can do so.

    You might add a random element to the conversion of spent hero points into NPC points -- say even results it happens, odd, it's lost permanently from the episode. That way you don't have a forever cycle.

    In conjunction, be more flexible about scene framing -- take suggestions from the players on what would be cool at the given moment.
  • Thanks, Alan.

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