Gaming as bands - screw the metaphor, gimme examples

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Just as it says.

I'll start: a recent discovery of mine, The Riddle of Steel. And verily they doth indeed rock with spiritual attributes.

Just found Shadow of Yesterday (not The Shadow... but hey), which I'll cheerily admit is also my kind of thing, though maybe not to all tastes.

I'm sure there are more.


  • Oh. I thought this thread was gonna be like, X game plays like band Y, or something.

    You mean, games good for letting us PLAY bands, a la Starchildren? Someone did a HeroQuest conversion of that, I recall.

    I was totally thinking about a "Monsters of Rock" game set in either Shadowrun or a postmodern sort of Forgotten Realms, where the band members are various humanoid races. In fact, all the hip bands are comprised of humanoids, and they all have rivalries and alliances and what not. I don't know why that appeals to me so much. Actually, I'm pretty sure Lordi has something to do with it.
  • Godlike. Well, that's cheating, but it's cheating with KMFDM so it's OK.
  • Ohhh! I should follow all the links first.
  • Tribe 8, which let me tell you gave me plenty of weird hits back in the day when I was writing for the game.
  • I expect there to be a couple bands named Polaris.
  • The Capes - who have the evocatively titled track Shinjuku Hi-Five, which I can't get to play at the mo.
  • That's it. I'm starting a rawk band called Ninegun Choir or The Dance and the Dawn, recruiting musicians from you lot. I'll just do it in another thread...

    (Annie Rush and I have already released a single under the name Latent Devilry. No joke.)
  • There's at least one band named Octane, but not OctaNe.
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