Minimum dice for Bliss+Grey+Breaking+3:16+MLWM

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I'm about to place an order for Grey Ranks, Bliss Stage, Breaking the Ice, My Life With Master and 3:16 with the excellent Leisure Games. At the moment, I have only a set of Fudge dice and a pack of cards.

What dice do I need to order to cover all those bases? I'm finding it really difficult to collate from the various product pages.

(I might also be buying some red+white+black d6s for DRYH)


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    (The notation here is Dx = an x-sided die. For example, a D4 is a four sided die).

    I can answer two of your queries:

    My Life With Master requires a good number of D4s - I'd recommend at least ten. You will also ideally need: a burgundy D4, an orange D6, and a white D8.

    Breaking the Ice uses D6s only. You'll want about a dozen, with three of them a distinct colour from the rest.

    All the above represents the ideal for each game. All can be played with less dice, and with dice of colours other than those listed - but it's less smooth and less cool :).

    My advice to you is just to buy a largish number of dice in bulk - an assortment of d4s, d6s, d8s, d10, d12s and d20s - around ten of each, although you probably don't need that many d20s (unless you are planning on playing games in the d20 system, like Dungeons & Dragons), and you might want more d6s than ten.
  • Thanks, Meserach. I own a *bunch* of dice, but moved and haven't taken everything with me. Thank for your maths. =)
  • Bliss Stage requires a metric butt-load of Fudge dice. I recommend at least 20, unless you want to use chips or notes on paper, in which case you might get by with half a dozen.

    3:16 wants a bunch of 10-sided dice, something like one per player. It also wants six-sided dice, ten might be a suitable number.

    I'm drawing a blank on Grey Ranks for some reason... dice aesthetics were not very important in that one. It did use some, but I fail to remember the type.

    Of course, a computer dice program could take care of all this without you needing to buy dice. You could even get the dice program in your phone or some such; I doubt that I'd be buying any dice today if I didn't already get in the habit during the '90s.
  • You can use regular pipped d6 for Bliss Stage.

    If you want to use Fudge Dice instead, I recommend 25.
  • For 3:16, you'll need d6s and d10s. At minimum 3 of each. More comfortably, 3 each per player.

    Grey Ranks uses d4s-d12s. I'd get about 6 of each.
  • If you are short on dice and willing to write down die sizes and results, you can play Grey Ranks with one each, d4 through d12. It's much easier if you can allocate dice directly to players as they use them, though, so having a larger number is recommended.
  • Thanks *very* much, all. That really helps.

    Doesn't Grey Ranks need colors of dice...? I vaguely remember from playtesting that you needed to place your own d-something-or-other on the big grid. So I'd be the yellow dice, someone else would be orange, etc...?
  • You need a little token for each player, ideally, but they can be orc miniatures or whatever. I use wooden blocks. Your character's grid position grants you a particular die size, so if you wanted to be all fancy you could use colored dice but I never have.
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