So Kills Puppies, Again

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Hey Everyone,

I'm running kills puppies for satan again, and having already done the gerald the ghoul thing to death (Ha,.. ha), I'm a little bit stumped as to what exactly to do.

I've got the basics of play down (GRIEF EM!), but now im looking for story ideas (yeah i'm bringing the story to kills puppies , i know sick eh)

So I was toying arround with the whole magic ring of power idea (either the ring of suggestions that are in the book or something more classic like the ring of gyges) But I also kind of wanted to play arround with some of the wierd stuff in the setting, and most definitely wanted to show my players the truth of appendix C ( Ie how easy is it to kill a vampire) so please enlighten me, my players will thank you for it.

I appreciate your effort comrade!

~can't help it my wife voted commie tonight


  • When I improvised an adventure a couple of years ago, it ended up being an affair wherein one of the itty bitty satanists got singled out by door-to-door missionary mormons, whom he stupidly provoked. He ended up being shipped to Utah from Finland in a casket. The same adventure, if memory serves, mostly revolved around a bag full of cash the characters had obtained by accident - that was my starting point, a typical buddy-movie opening. The characters were trying to figure out what to do with the money, and whose it was, the theory being that they'd avoid the rightful owner easier if they knew about him. The adventure was set in the city of Tampere, which is special in Finland in that it has a dolphinarium. This became a running theme in my GMing, as I hinted at the possibility of the characters doing awful things to the dolphins by setting scenes in the dolphinarium at the slightest provocation, and having the building (situated next to an amusement park) loom in the background during outdoors scenes.

    The adventure played well. My actual preparation was the bag of money thing, so perhaps you could use something similar. Let the characters stumble upon some amusing MacGuffin and let them try to decide what to do with it. Take your favourite NPC type or three and have them all gun for the MacGuffin. The rest of the adventure should write itself. Try to give the players a reason to call Satan (not that they should need that); getting to play him is one of the joys and privileges of GMing this awful game.
  • Here's two ideas I had for Kill Puppies if i ever ran them:

    Terry the Pedomancer. I don't know what a Pedomancer is, but I know it fits into a kill puppies game.

    Simon the Necromancer. Simon's got a breast. Just one. He lounges around his house wearing a loosefitting shirt with one hand always under his shirt, idylly playing with his breast (wouldn't you?). Simon want's a new breast, his old one is starting to stink. So he sends the players to the local strip club. Donna Double Dee's is performing. Simon wants one of those Double Dee's.
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