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    RIFTS Australia.

    Car Wars Australia.

    The Fatal Shore RPG is on my list of dream projects.
  • Mutants Down Under

    It's where I learned all my cool Aussie slang as a wee child, struth.
  • Aftermath a post nuke adventure had a big Aussie component. I don't remember if it was one book or more.

    Lace and Steele ?
  • What would an Australian RPG have?

    From an outsider, it would feature:
    Skin Cancer
    Ayers' Rock
    Maori-painted dudes (immigrated from NZ)

    What about from the POV of an Australian?
  • Andy, you forgot rainsticks and Fosters and the crocodile guy.
  • For the outsiders:
    Dude, where are all the other cool marsupials--kangaroos, cus cus? And, man, it's just not Australia to me without dingos, platypuses, and destrucitve rabbits. Wombats?

    and dreamtime, of course. Because I learned all I needed to know about Australia from Mutants Down Under.

    Slightly more seriously--what about the Sydney Opera House?

    A touch more insider-y:

    The proximity to Indonesia and Asia?
  • Songlines
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    Well, there's the bush myth (Australians as rugged pioneers), the larrikin myth (Australians as cheerful, anti-authoritarian troublemakers), the myth of mateship and a fair go (Australians as the ultimate decent folks), the myth of the yellow hordes (Australians as 'white men in a black man's neighbourhood'), the convict myth (Australians as hard-done-by Irish), the beach myth (Australians as hedonistic water-lovers). Fantasy game?

    [This in answer to Andy]
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    You're saying that those myths aren't all true? ;)

    As a cultural stereotype, it's not a bad set, is it?
    - rugged pioneers
    - cheerful, anti-authoritarian troublemakers
    - ultimate decent folks
    - hard-done-by Irish
    - hedonistic water-lovers
    With only the 'white men in a black man's neighbourhood' aspect being less than favourable.

    [EDIT: Disclosure - I'm English, but a good amount of my relatives have emigrated to Oz]
  • I'm seeing from the Americans:

    Mad Max
    marsupials (esp. roos and koalas)

    What about Kylie?!
  • Forget Kylie, what about Mel?
  • bullroarers!
  • Mel was already implicit in Mad Max:

  • Not at all on topic:

    thor: Lace and Steel was a fantasy game set in a pseudo-Europe (not unlike 7th Sea), using Dumas-like musketeers and Grimm's fairy tales as major building blocks.

    (It was probably one of the very first games to use relationships as modifiers to skill rolls. Also neat: When a sorcerer summoned a demon the player got to use all bad relationships to make the stats of the demon. The more hateful the summoner, the stronger the demon. This Aussie game was ahead of its time...)

  • Yes, anything based on Mad Max, i.e. most post-apoc, will be Aussie.

    To my knowledge, there are no Kylie games. Nor are there AC/DC games.

    The Matrix was filmed in Sydney, and there's lots of games inspired by that. Does that count?

  • There gotta be some penal colony RPGs, right? In science fiction or something?
  • Isn't there a Tank Girl RPG out there?
  • tank girl rpg was done by WEG in the Masterbook series. I lost it together with the Species RPG....
  • Joshua, I think it was a masterbook supp.

    CoC's Terror Australis covered some weird history & 1920s aspects. I don't know if it passes muster to locals.

    Jason M. has suggested a The Fatal Shore rpg, which would be excellent since the book's chapters each suggest interesting modes or play, subsystems, or rich color & setting.

    Seems like a game about post ww2 and modern suburban life would work as well in australis as the U.S.

    something on masculinity, sports, blokeship etc would also be cool

    something on the landscape, perhaps a game with two modes, one focused on settlers, one on aboriginal people, with the chance of the sides interacting?

    and a 'he died with falafel in his hand' story game on the world's oddest roommates would brighten my day
  • Hay Markv,

    Tell me more about what you see in Hughes' book that relates to modes of play. I think it's a gigantic juicy game design steak in terms of theme, setting, color, etc, but modalities didn't pop out at me.
  • The main strand might have scenes that follow characters through crime, sentencing, dealing with the idea of exile, passage, coping with the colonies & making a place for oneself post punishment.

    But I also like the idea of play framed by a reformist administator or investigative committee come from London, where players use vignettes/scenes on lashing and prostitution and sodomy and native relations etc to create recommendations back to the crown.

    Something similar could be done through the eyes of a governor or settlement administrator where arriving convicts are raw material to build a new world with. I'm less inspired on how this could be role played.

    It could also be interesting for each players to have one european character & one aboriginal character and the game goes back and forth between the two perspectives, moving toward first contact

    A final thought is to have a retrospective frame, maybe through stories families tell about their anscestors, with the 'stain' almost having a life and game mechanic of its own to influence how later generations lived and viewed their history.
  • Ah, I see what you are talking about now. Thanks.
  • Y'know, I've always loved the Blue Planet setting. But for years and years I've never figured out what to do with it. Mission based scenarios (charter boat service, GEO agents, etc.) just don't do it for me.

    But thinking about this thread now I have the beginning of an idea: fuse Whale Rider and Blue Planet.

  • Hey...
    Speaking of Mad Max and stuff...

    If I wanted to play a Road Warrior kind of anarchy/gang warfare/crazy desert people game...

    What should I use?
  • Road Hogs, supplement for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • I wonder if Burning Empires might cover it.
  • Hmmm....

    Cultural cringe.

    White Australia Policy.

    Gold rush - I've always been fascinated by Chinese miners since visiting the Bendigo Joss House.

    It would be cool to have a game that addressed the self-image of outdoors bush culture with the reality of a very high degree of urbanisation.

    And something with Tall Poppy Syndrome could become very messed up.

  • We once played out a three session game, where we were naval officers and/or sailors for the short-lived Queensland navy, preparing for a suspected future conflict with the Russian navy in Queensland and Pacific waters.

    It was a lot of fun, and very "Master and Commander" for the Victorian age, now I think of it.
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