Story Lounge Blurb Help

I'm going to run a Story Games Lounge at Genghis Con in Denver (Feb 09). I would appreciate any convention book blurbs from previous SG Lounges that I could use as a jumping off point for the blurb I need to write up. Also any tips on organizing and facilitating the event.



  • Ha! I found one of your posts, Scott!

    Maybe if I do it WRONG others will chime in:
    Got a little spare imagination? Want a shot at adding something to the setting of the game? Want a chance to step in and play even when your character isn't up to bat? Stop by the Story Games Lounge. In addition to scheduled games, opportunities for pick-up games, lurking and learning new systems abound. From new suprises like Sons of Liberty to old favorites like Dirty Secrets and Primetime Adventures, here's your chance to learn new techniques for your own games and meet people that are part of this interesting gaming subculture.

    Then you can add: Rp will not steal your pants.
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