Gen Con 08 Game Design Seminar: Vincent Baker and Robin Laws talk about writing


  • Nice, thanks Judd.
  • Don't miss this, guys. This is fine, fine stuff, and the audio quality is quite good.
  • I was mentioned by name! Yay!

    Um, wait a minute....


    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • Hey Ryan or whoever, explain to me why that was good.

    Here's what I took away:

    1. You should read a lot.
    2. You should write a lot.
    3. Professionals don't revise.
    4. Indie game writers are lame.

    I mean, I knew all that!
  • Professionals don't revise?

    Did I really miss someone saying that?
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    Here's what I took away:

    1. Communicate, in your text, the enthusiasm of your play.
    2. Indie games have a tendency to be pedestrian and boring so, you know, don't.
    3. You can write in a particular voice, which communicates how to speak in that particular way. (That will help me with A Taste For Murder).
    4. Vincent likes it when people start fights about his games.

    I liked all those points. Now, if only Vincent and Robin had taken their own advice when they wrote [sounds of Graham being muffled by the indie game community].

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    @Judd: Robin basically said (I'm paraphrasing here) "if you are a professional writer you don't have the time to go over your text several times: you have to train yourself to get it right on first, maximum second pass, or you won't be able to make a living".

    I suppose that's what Jason is referring to :)
  • The "communicate your enthusiasm" bit is genuinely useful, and comparing the experience of a physical demo to the experience of reading the text is instructive.
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