Playtesters needed for Rules-light PDQ-based RPG

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I am brand spanking new to this forum, but I am told this is the place to be, so here I am.

I am looking for people who may be interested in doing a playtest of the current Beta of my new RPG, Vox, which I hope to release in PDF format before the end of the year.

Vox uses a brand new version of the PDQ (Prose Descriptive Qualities) game engine which is very rules-light and FATE-like. Most notably, Vox also incorporates a unique new central game mechanic (hence, the testing) which involves players taking on multiple roles that interact with one another in a much different way than in traditional RPGs.

Vox's setting is a mix between The X-Files and Memento, Paranoia and Wraith, Unknown Armies and Dead Inside. It's steeped in Jungian psychology and conspiracy theories.

If you have a gaming group who is able and willing to playtest this game within the next few weeks/month, and are able and willing to provide feedback on your experiences, please contact me. I am looking for mature, serious playtesters (having been burned with playtesting in the past) and I have every reason to believe that Story Games is a good place to find those sorts of people.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


  • Hey Michael!

    as that you're new here, i feel i ought to tell you about the fivelings and Days Of Awareness and all that nonsense.

    ...actually i'm making a joke based on something someone else was saying... anyway.
    to what you're addressing:

    well, i got burned out on PDQ a while ago, playing a longish T&J game. BUT! my group is still pretty stoked on ideas from the system and have been talking about shifting things and welding other bits on... sounds like you've done just that.
    so i'd be happy to take a look at it and pitch it to the folks, no saying what they'll think or if it'll get over my burn marks.
    all that depressing stuff out of the way, however, it sounds really awesome.

    so send it on down to
    fall DOT away AT yahoo DOT ie
    and you and me will be in some serious email contact.

    ps double fucking stoked on multiple characters interaction mechanics.
  • Ah, just a point of interest:

    I saw Mike's ashcan of VOX: He brought it with him to the Hellas booth (BTW, Mike's the co-author of Hellas, which is like my favorite game to come out this year).

    It looked hot. Spooky pseudo-psychology meets conspiracies, in a system where, IIRC, players play multiple personalities of other players' characters. (correct me if I'm wrong)

    Not giving it a "you must play at all costs!!" endorsement, but just know that it's in a solid "ashcan form" right now, and at least I thought it was pretty cool when I flipped through it.

  • I have about 10 people signed up so I'm going to close ranks for now. Thanks to everyone who enlisted.
  • If you're in this thread I emailed you about this. If you have trouble with the link in the email or your email got spam-foldered, please let me know.

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