[Darkpages] Hellboy and the BPRD

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I've been thinking about using the world of the BPRD as a Darkpages imprint. Any ideas/suggestions for Spaces and Elements would be appreciated.

Here's my rough take on Hellboy. Again, comments/critiques would be helpful.

Hellboy (Concept: The Beast)

Awareness (2):
-Understands Ancient/Magical languages (0)
Destruction (5):
-Right Hand of Doom (+1)
-Super-Human Strength (+1)
Instinct (2):
-"Anung un Rama" (0)
Survival (3):
-Resistant to physical injury (+1)
-Good Samaritan (0)

Archetype: The Warrior (7)
Shadow: Rage
Spirit: Righteousness (or Morality?)

Loyalty: Members of the BPRD (5)
Enmity: Ogdru Jahad (2)
Mentor: Professor Trevor Bruttenholm (3)

1. Never let my rage control me.
2. Protect the world from the occult, paranormal and supernatural.
3. Live up to the expectations of my 'Father'.

Should I switch the powers Super-Human Strength to the Survival Motif and Good Samaritan to Destruction?


  • I'd replace code 1 with "I'm just a regular guy." I don't think Hellboy has trouble controlling his rage, but he sure has trouble just living. (note: based on lots of Hellboy and no Darkpages experience)
  • Thanks Mike. I was trying to come up with something that covered that 'regular guy' sentiment but was drawing a blank. So I went with the rage thing based on Krauss' assertion in The Golden Army. I tend to over-think things sometimes. Thanks for making it simple.

  • Glad I could help.

    I'll be interested to see if Darkpages works for Hellboy/BPRD roleplaying.
  • Me too. That's if I can talk my Mutants and Masterminds group into giving Darkpages a try. So far I've had little luck in getting them to play any 'story game'. Though I did manage to slip the Don't Rest Your Head game world into a Mutants and Masterminds campaign (but that's for another thread).

  • I wonder if Hellboy is a Beast. He never really "loses it" to that demonic side, like the the Hulk and Wolverine are just time bombs waiting to go off. To me he's a just a big red Freak. But hey, different writers. :)
  • I chose Beast simply because the Motifs seemed more appropriate. How would you work-up Hellboy as The Freak? I thought Abe Sapien to be more Freak than Outsider. And, of course, Liz is The Elemental, Johann Krauss is The Ghost, Professor Bruttenholm is The Adept, and Roger the Homunculus is The Construct. But, those are just my thoughts.

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