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So, Blood Simple has been a pdf of a Sorcerer setting for years now and just recently Per Fischer and his posse have picked it up for some play. Seeing other people play it is a hoot, it was one of those neat little things that I had tinkered with, played a bit and set aside. I haven't asked people to playtest it and haven't pursued it in any aggressive manner.

But that coupled with some conversations here have got me thinking that maybe something that goes on in an informal way at the Forge should be somehow formalized.

I am picturing game designers with playtestable documents in various stages of development, swapping games, playtesting them and then swapping feedback. They would make sure the games work for all participating swappers (number of people, stuff, time and space needed to play, etc.) and play each other's games over the course of a few weeks or whatever time they set aside and also formalize how comments will be made because without comments, playtests do not mean shit.

So, I dunno, thoughts or people can gather here who need to set up a Playtest Swap Circle or folks can throw rocks at me or something.


  • My next playtest slot is reserved for Brennan's How We Came to Live Here, but I'd love to participate in something like this.
  • That's a nice idea.

  • I may definitely be in for this!
  • totally gold.
    and if you want to playtest my "throwing rocks at judd" i'll send you the link.

    what formalization are you thinking of for the comments?

    *what rules didn't make sense upon explanation
    *what rules didn't work in application (when the difference between these two can be seen)
    *what ideas need more text to communicate
    *why it was fun
    *what did you look for clarification on in the text
    *when did you rush a friend to the hospital

    groups that i have access to right now are not hardened, cold-hearted and battle weary story gamers.
    they're either imaginative new blood or D&D3.x victims. that being said, awesome is here.

    and would you imagine that the games would travel around the circle, like a's game goes from b to c after the first week? or something?
    (in other words, does each group play each game? that'd be awesome.)

    rock it.
  • Lots of folks saying they are up for this.

    Get together!

    Whisper, IM, e-mail, call on the telephone, gather in person, put messages in bottles and toss them into the ocean.

    Let me know how it works out.
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