[3:16] Back in stock in print at IPR

Just to say that 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars is back in stock in print at IPR.

Try not to buy up the 500 copies too quickly*.


*Posted here for completeness. You've all got a copy, right? Though with Christmas approaching what better present for a loved one!


  • Greg,
    Perfect timing, I had to get mine from some crazy on-line store?
    Where is your official site, I wanna know if my questions are frequently asked or not...
    Dave M
  • Posted By: Gregor HuttonTry not to buy up the 500 copies too quickly*.
    But ... but ... I was gonna tile my living room floor with them!
  • Shame it wasn't at Lulu--never "out of print" and I'd have bought it up when I was hitting up Raf's sale on Pent (seems a shame to pay $8 for shipping for a $10 book, so I was order-padding).

    I'll check it out next time that I'm building up an IPR order....
  • Some links:
    • The BoxNinja homepage for 3:16
    • The threads about it on StoryGames
    • The FAQs -- the general point being (i) play the game first and then (ii) look at your questions again in light of that play.
    They are available for tiling floors, David, at $20 a tile. Your welcome!
  • Posted By: David ArtmanShame it wasn't at Lulu...
    LULU don't print books in the size that 3:16 is: 5.5 in x 8.5 in (landscape).

    It was out of print because demand outstripped supply. Not a bad problem to have, right?!
  • So Gregor is there still going to be a limited run hardcopy of 3:16 ready in time for Dragonmeet..is there is there :)
  • Go, offset, go!
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