[IlloDeli] Creator Owned Artists Website

I guess this goes in Directed Promotion, though it's not my art that's for sale!
Illodeli.com is a new online store which offers publishers the chance to buy artwork for their publications and immediately download it at print resolution.

Illodeli.com features the work of industry illustrators Scotty Purdy, Andy Hepworth, Scott Neil and Jon Hodgson.

We have a range of work from full colour covers right down to black and white spot art, all at great prices, and unavailable anywhere else.

Illodeli.com is launching in public beta mode, so currently our catalogue is a small selection of work, with plans for expansion on the immediate horizon. Regular updates are also in the pipeline, so check back often or sign up for our newsletter.

Our licenses are extremely simple. Each purchase allows the non-exclusive single use within one product. This is the barest baseline of use we could come up with, which allows us to give the cheapest possible price. Our filler and spot art is sold under a wider license which allows reuse within one product. Which seemed only fair!
Anyway, Jon posted this today on the Collective Endeavour and the Forge and I thought the design community here would be interested in this too.

I personally have worked with these guys before and know them. Their work has graced books from D&D, Warhammer, all the way down to Dust Devils, Spione and George's Children. They are high-quality artists and the prices are designed to be affordable for an Indie Games Designer's budget.

I'll be using an image from the Deli for a forthcoming project with Epidiah Ravachol, and I hope you find something you like there too. :-)
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