Eekamouse in Atlantis Ashcan

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I've just finished making the 6 copies of the Ashcan for Dragonmeet and I thought I'd post an image :)


It was nice putting these together, it makes it feel like a real game ... or potentially so, but what a bother! First I had to print them (not so hard, but not so cheap), then I had to work out how to bind them. I had planned to use pre-made slide binders with their own plastic covers but I couldn't find one that would hold over 30 pages for love nor money (and if I had they would have cost too much to use anyway, naturally :).

So then I decided to buy separate slides and bind them with heavy acetate covers ... only *that* seems to have gone out of fashion too! (At least in Edinburgh stationary shops). In the end I had to buy inkjet acetate instead, since that was the only thing on offer, and I couldn't get enough to do front and back!

It all came out well in the end though. Getting inkjet acetate let me draw a new image for the covers and print it on, and I used card for the back, which makes the game easier to flip through. Now that they are done I like them :)


  • Keep one for me, David.

    Why's there a snake on the front instead of a nice little mouse?

  • You'd have to ask Victoria, the knotwork eel was her idea :)

    Also the inside is chock full of mice, one every five pages or so in fact, :D
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