[3:16] New Play Aid

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Has this been shown on the forum yet?
Outstanding new battle map:


  • My God, that's gorgeous.

  • It's...dare I say it...awesome!

    Very very cool.

  • Awesome ! Thanks for sharing this
  • Sweet!

    Much better than my effort - which was still pretty fun (I learned to use Inkscape, which I now adore).
  • That is incredible!

    Are there any other play aids anywhere else?

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    Oops. I cross posted this on another thread. In my defence, that thread contains other goodness, too.
  • Out of curiosity, can you make a "negative" version that won't devour someone's black ink cartridge? It's cool, for sure, but something done with mostly white background would be more consumer friendly. Just a thought....
  • Darren,
    Can I use your graphic for a VASSAL mod? I think I will make a VASSAL mod for 3:16.
    Greg (if you are reading this), do you have any objection (I am supposed to ask before I post the mod on the vassalengine site) to me posting a VASSAL mod for your game?
    Dave M
  • Dave M, that's not my graphic. It's by Master CC Mapper Ralf Schemann from his blog here
  • Darren,
    Oops, thought that was your baby.

    Do you visit this site, can I use that graphic please?

    I did already get permission from Greg, so I am in the home stretch.
    Dave M
  • Dave, please feel free to use the graphic. Shoot me an email when you've done the VASSAL mod, I'd like to take a look at it. :)
  • Excellent...
    All the pieces have come together. Yeah, I'll post a link here when its done.
    Thanks for the quick response.
    Dave M
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