4e is dead. Well...

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...actually Forry is dead.

Forry Ackerman died Dec.4, 2008.
Here's the wikipedia entry on him:
I'm sure a lot of us knew of him through various monster, horror, and sci fi movie stuff.
I was first introduced to him through Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine in 1976? (Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger cover).
I was hooked immediately. As a fan of the old monster movies I thought I had found a piece of heaven. I would spend hours drawing from the black and white photos found in FM. I wish I had kept it up. FM is probably partly responsible for my love of bad puns too.
I subscribed to the mag and kept it up for years, enjoying every issue. My first publication was a picture I sent in of a creature (Nim) I created for them.
Forry was the ultimate insider of the genres. He knew everyone it seemed. One of my childhood dreams was to visit the Ackermansion and see all the memorabilia.
I would suppose that he was one of the biggest influences in science fiction and horror.
There are quite a few tributes out there if you are interested in learning more.
Anybody else have any memories of Forry or FM or their influence on you?


  • I was very sad to learn of Mr. Ackerman's death. I admired his work.
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    RIP, buddy.

    I only saw him in passing at some Dragon*Cons but he was fen in a way I had to admire. He lived apologetically with an unequaled appreciation of these things we enjoy and escape with and I salute that.
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