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Hello everyone,

Me and my fabulous significant other are getting some people together for new years and was considering floating a game of MAID. Most of the group are fairly rpg savvy (Dnd, Wod, and some indy sprinkles, I ran Kills Puppies for them a while ago and it went well ). Now I have played with maid a bit with them, but was looking for a zazzy scenario to play with them. The book has several suggestions/scenarios but I do not have a lot of experience with maid to separate the wheat from the chaff .

this is where you come in...

If people could recommend a scenario (either from the book or free from the internet) to play with my friends as well as perhaps some of the reasoning for their preference it would help my selection.



  • Here is a great New Years Maid concept - your master is the Old Year (and old, senile man who is a bit of a lech) and EXACTLY AT THE REAL STROKE OF MIDNIGHT he become instead a small boy (or baby) who is silly and immature. Do not reveal this aspect of the master until such time as it needs to be apparent.

    For another variation, he is a Dick Clark homage until midnight and then he becomes a Ryan Seacrest homage afterward.
  • On one hand, one of my faves is the classic "Be Our Demon Master" from the book. On the other hand, for a Maid game there's no "Master" to dish out Affection like other games, so the dynamic is a bit off... but it favors a game where the Maids do wacky things to help each other AND the trapped lone protagonist, so it still keeps people focused and into learning the system.

    One thing, though: Everyone has to buy in that you're trying to save the lone maiden. If everyone is for it, but one person decides that "it fits my character" or whatever to kill/stop her, then the game can quickly fall apart.

  • The one time I've run it so far, I had no scenario beyond "Get through the daily schedule" which is shown in the book. Of course, nothing went as scheduled due to the incursion of random events! I also told everyone it was the day after the Master's birthday party and every room in the house was full of presents left by yesterday's guests, which of course allowed them to roll on the random item tables.

    It was a totally insane session!
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