Systems Good Enough for Star Wars

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List the systems you've had fun playing Star Wars games with!

I'll go first:

Star Wars SAGA
Over the Edge
Dogs in the Vineyard


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    Steve Darlington's There is No Spoon
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    I can't tell if your sentence means "you've had fun" or "you'd have fun."

    I've had fun:

    • Star Wars d6

    I'd have fun (in many differing ways):

    • Star Wars SAGA
    • Burning Wheel + Jihad
    • Reign (+ a lot of setting stuff)
    • Solar System
    • Blue Rose (+ a lot of setting stuff)
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    Star Wars SAGA
    WEG Star Wars, 1st edition (but not 2nd)
    Feng Shui
    Dogs in the Vineyard (could be fun for an all-Jedi game)
  • @Clinton. "have had fun" was what I meant (now fixed) but the other question is good too.

    I'd have fun:

    Starblazer Adventures
    Cold City/Hot War
    Mutants and Masterminds
  • Have had: Star Wars D6
    Would have: Awesome Adventures

    Seriously, aren't there other properties that we can talk about?
  • No.

    Apparently not.

    Star Wars is the Gaza of Geekdom's Holy Wars.
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    I have had fun with Revised d20 edition and (but that was years ago) the Interlok houserule.

    I guess that I would have fun with PTA or PTA hack and maybe with some DitV mode.
    Star Wars is the Gaza of Geekdom's Holy Wars.
    Any Jihad jeeps around?
  • Hey who like Battlestar Galactica?
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    I've played every licensed version of it, and then a Unisystem game at a con once, which was pretty cool but I get the feeling that the pregen characters were the only characters ever made with that. A lot of 'hey, you have this great advantage that exactly fits your character...I mean exactly...I mean you couldn't slip a sheet of tissue paper in the crack.'

    Had fun every time.
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    Jason. These are the lunk heads who snickered and cursed people in Polish, thinking they could get away with it, forgetting that browsers have Google search window built into them!

    Don't let them goad you into this nonsense.
  • Hey who like Battlestar Galactica?
    It depends about which edition you asked, but I think that's a trap.
  • Posted By: DeckardHey who like Battlestar Galactica?
    It depends about which edition you asked, but I think that's a trap.

    How about either?

    Personally I'm all about the remake though.
  • Posted By: jessecoombsHave had: Star Wars D6
    Would have: Awesome Adventures

    Seriously, aren't there other properties that we can talk about?
    I just wanted to have a positive thread about Star Wars roleplaying to combat all the negativity that's been around here lately.
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    I fully support this notion! I have had a lot of fun playing in the Star Wars universe with a plethora of systems over the years.

    D6 - the first one, my roommate and I still reference the first time we played this game. He had a smuggler-type Han Solo character who got in a running blaster battle with a squadron of Storm Troopers led by an Imperial Guard Commando through a factory that was building parts for the 2nd Death Star.

    D20 Star Wars - I liked it better than D6 at the time because force powers and Jedi were easier to use then in D6, then played Revised when that came out a few times and even ran a Dark Sided Jedi game for about 5-6 sessions.

    Adventure! - a friend hacked this into a Star Wars one shot, there were light sabers, sith idols and crazy space chases and lots of Dramatic Editing.

    Mutants and Masterminds - I hacked 1st ed M&E into a PL 6 Clone Wars game for a one shot, the same scenario and characters I would later recycle into...

    Spirit of the Force - this is my Spirit of the Century hack for high action over the top clone wars wusha jedi gaming that I have been running at the local cons for the past 2 years and prob my favorite system to run this type of game in.

    Lastly I played a Heroquest version that a friend ran for practice so he could be a little more comfortable with the rules... and hey we all love Star Wars right so why not? :)

    One of these days I will get around to running some Star Wars with Burning Wheel too.

    - Colin
  • Oh shi! I forgot my Mutants and Masterminds Star Wars game someone ran at a con. You're right, that one worked great. I actually think the True20 hack that I saw took that idea and ran with it a little further. The fatigue track seemed to be almost a better fit for Jedi abilities than M&M was.
  • D&D
    Castle Falkenstein

    Castle Falkenstein was my favorite, though. I remember this actual exchange, spoken through long pneumatic voice-tubes:

    Prussian Stormtrooper: We're sending a detachment down.
    Two-Fisted American Reporter in cheesy Prussian accent: Uh ... nein, mein Herren, ve are havink a boiler leak. Give us ein minute to lock it down. Large leak, verdammt dangerous!
  • Star Wars d6, but only because the GM made sure that each and every adventure ended with us running for our lives from the Empire. I've never had fleeing in terror be so much fun :)
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