Players for Serial Homicide Unit (Play-by-post)

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I'm looking for 2-4 players interested in trying out Serial Homicide Unit as play-by-post on Snail's Pace.

No prior knowledge needed, we'll just go through game setup and play step by step.


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    Ooh! Me! Me!

    (I applied for an account. Hopefully that gets pushed through quickly.)
  • I hadn't heard about this game before, I like the idea of buying mp3s that explain to you how to play the game.
  • Cool, Jason (and JD, yes, the audio idea intrigued me as well)

    We need at least one more player I think.
  • Well, at least we can play with just us three if we have to.
  • I will totaly be in on this if you are kind enough to let me.
  • I wasn't sure if JD was interested, let me know if that's the case. All Jasons welcome :)

    But even if we are only two Jasons and me, let's give it a go! I'm posting a start-up thread on Snail's Pace.
  • I am interested but my internet access is too awkward right now to commit. In a few weeks I should have my replacement router.
  • Help! We lost a player - if someone would step in it would be great. We're only a couple of scenes into the game, and you can make up your own civilian character. Someone is killing grade school teachers, and the killer is about to strike again.

    See what we have of evidence so far.</>
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