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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking to put forward some indie gaming in Toronto, Canada, and I know a few other torontist ( I know but torontonian seems like such a poor name) reside here so I thought I would reach out. If you interested feel free to post, or whisper for email exchange.

What Am I Looking For :

New Play and New Games
Preferably on the Cheap
By People who are enthusiastic about Games
In and Around the Dundas West Area would be Ideal, but im somewhat flexible on this
A Variety of One Shots/Limited Play ( I have lots of free time atm, but that may change in a month or two)
Play Test/ Experimental

What Am I not Looking For

Play in a Public Venue
I will not abandon you play
Catpiss Men


  • Hey, Logos. (What's your real name?)

    My family recently moved to Toronto, so I'm in and out of the city on occasion, and there's some chance I will move there in the next six months or so.

    I like your criteria! They are close to what I'm interested in these days.

    I'd like to hear a little more on what you mean by "I will not abandon you play". I'm familiar with the term, but I'd like to hear what it means for you, and what specifically you're looking to avoid.
  • Hey Paul,

    Its Joshua, but oddly enough,

    What I'm specifically attempting to avoid are games to trade on uncomfortability or in pushing your experiance and preference boundries. If I say I'm not interested in a subject or game its because im not interested, not because im interested in being coddled through the experience by the game or the people i'm playing with.

    Is that sufficient,

    Either way, Who else is all out in the T.Dot and interested in getting some gamey goodness into their lives.
  • Joshua,

    Yeah, that's crystal clear!

    On these boards, I only know of Ryan Stoughton, but there is (I believe) at least one well-known indie game author who lives in the area.
  • Shall we through ourselves on his stoop begging and wailing ;D

    Off the boards I know there is a few others (there should be an indie gaming toronto yahoo group) but it seemed smallish (mostly the work of a man and his wife, that said the husband seemed like a really nice and upright fellow, what little i've played with him (cons mostly).

    That said I don't know who the author would be? Care to share or whisper the name?

    Also did you want to try to track down Ryan Stoughton/ Do you have indie people of your own? With two its going to be a bit hard. Most of my people would not count as indie as far as gaming goes.

  • Hmmm. I thought I heard that Brand Robins and Moyra Turkington (sp?) lived in or around Toronto.

    Is that true, or a false rumour?

    I also remember an online group of people who played In a Wicked Age... in Toronto, well before the game even existed (it was called "Art, Grace & Guts" at the time). I have no idea who was part of that group, however.
  • Don't have link handy (not at home at moment), but there is an indie RPG scene in TO and a web-meetup group for it.


    A proud Torontonian.
  • Hmm I am looking for the links but cannot find them.

    I have found Tag and Trpa ( A Meet up and an Independant forums) but Trpa (Toronto Role Players Assocation, from my own experiances is a mixed bag of mostly traditional gamers, however they do hold a regular get togethers which is nice to be aware of.

    I believe Ryan Stoughton hangs out at TAG (Toronto Area Gamers And is probably the place to post/molest if we're looking for spares.

    That said, I surpose the questions is what exactly are we trying to do here.

    I surpose the at least is putting together a group of people who are interested in indie games and want to play them over the next few months on a fairly regular basis. Any Ideas on that front/ Interest / Congratulations ;D

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