Serial Homicide Unit--Physical Edition Preorder available

For a limited time, you can preorder the physical edition of Serial Homicide Unit at a special rate. The final retail price will be $25.00 plus shipping fees. From now through January 31, 2009, you can preorder this game for only $20.00 including shipping (US shipments only*). In addition, you will get the electronic edition of the game absolutely free.

This physical edition is packaged in a DVD case for easy transport. It includes:

  • audio instruction CD that explain the rules of the game as you play.
  • rules reference card
  • six investigator cards
  • one chief investigator card
  • six civilian cards
  • six name cards
  • six name envelopes
  • one pad of clue notes
  • PDFs of all documents

Click here to see the contents of the physical edition.

Watch your back, a murderer walks the streets.

*-International shipments given individual price quotes.


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